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After a fall from grace, is it possible for the Mortal Kombat series to prove it is a serious contender in the fighting game genre once again?
New Castlevania game is to be released across all platforms
In a recent interview with Famitsu, Shigeru Miyamoto stated that he'd be revealing a title that'll be taking advantage of the GBA-GC connection.
Famitsu reveal that Japan will be getting an improved version of Metroid Fusion, with features that weren't in the PAL version.
Nintendo bring the snow into our homes this winter with their upcoming extreme-sports game 1080º Avalanche. Snowboarding has never looked this hot!
The sequel to Criterion's hit racer burns up the competition on the Playstation 2.
Can The Clone Wars break the worrysome flow of poor Star Wars games? Begun, this review has.
Updated pictures of character designs, level designs and comparison shots from the Movie and the game.
Thankfully, Nintendo Australia have decided to follow in suit and give one free game out with a new purchase of a Nintendo GameCube.
PS2 and X-box doing wonderfully well, but GameCube, well... Err... Nintendo Australia need to actually DO SOME WORK!
We have opened up the old individual forums and added sub domains for each of the consoles.
We dig deep into the PS2's classic games basket to bring you the review of one of the best snowboarding games ever ceated, SSX!
Just can’t wait until March 21st? Well Nintendo of Europe has launched a mini Metroid Prime website. A very interesting mini-site at that.
European gamers will be able to enjoy a sweet-looking Metroid Prime bundle. Its box is so nice you may want to display it!
Amy comes back to PALGN in a limited form.
Hawk skated into the hearts of the video-gamers with his video-game debut in 1998. Tony Hawk's Skateboarding was a wonderful combo of insanely good playability, ear-pleasing music and thumb-wrecking, all-around madness. Now Hawk is back for the second time.
PALGN continues its internet invasion with a chatroom!
The PS2 version of Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance to be bundled with Metal Gear Solid 2: Document, free of charge, announces Konami of Europe.
Famitsu has announced that the next Mario and Pikmin will be out by the end of this year, and the new Zelda in late 2004!
SEGA has decided to back Nokia in its project to develop the N-Gage by giving them killer titles. Look inside for more information. Also, Activision confirm thier support.
Final Fantasy X-2 website updates with heaps of new images and new features. So get ready for a PALGN PS2 massive media blowout with amazing new cut-scene footage, battle screens, new characters and information.
A new extreme sports game skates onto the GameCube.
PS2 gamers have been enjoying Platinum releases for a while now, and now it's gamecuber's time to play quality games for less money.
PALGN has contacted Datel and they have responded with the official word on the problems people have been experiencing through FreeLoader.
Internation Superstar Soccer 3 scheduled for May-release
After the final release of the Freeloader it now appears that the dream might not be quite what it has been hyped up to be. PALGN tries to find out why.
Nokia showcases its new N-gage half mobile, half handheld console device.
The gaming legend himself revealed in the latest issue of the Japanese magazine Famitsu that he plans on making a next Zelda game and two other games from Nintendo franchises.
New screens from Lucas Arts' multiplatform title Gladius - taken from in-game footage.
Squaresoft’s first RPG game for the GBA screens reveal from scans from a recently released Japanese magazine.

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