Matt Keller
03 Feb, 2004

Fire Emblem release details

GBA News | Nintendo announces details concerning the Australian release of Fire Emblem.
After a seemingly endless 4 month delay (since the US release, anyway), Nintendo Australia has finally announced the exact release date for their Game Boy Advance Strategy RPG, Fire Emblem.

Fire Emblem will be released on February 20th, with a RRP of $69.95.

A traveler has fallen on the Saka Plain in the Easternmost realm of Elebe, and an orphaned young woman named Lin comes to the traveler's aid. After she nurses the traveler back to health, the two embark on a journey to hone their respective skills at swordplay and battle strategy. Shortly after their journey begins, Lin must confront an unexpected destiny. She learns she is heir to the throne of the neighboring Rikea and becomes entangled in the struggle for succession. Once this news is known, knights come to serve her while assassins come to take her life. Being a well-schooled military strategist, the traveler she rescued reciprocates by coming to her aid and vowing to return her safely to Rikea, her grandfather’s homeland. Fire Emblem takes the best elements of turn-based strategy and RPG games, and moulds them into one.

PALGN will have a full review of Fire Emblem soon.

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1 decade ago
Best to import this one lads (and lasses).

$69.95 Australian

$49.95 Canadian which equals $49.1509 Australian.

Yes thats right the AUD is worth 1.01626 CAD.
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