Mark Marrow
15 Sep, 2005

Final Fantasy IV Announced

GBA News | SNES Classic to receive re-release. This time with some extra goodies.
Nintendo of America has today announced that the fourth instalment of the worldwide phenomena that is Final Fantasy will be released for the Game Boy Advance later this year.

While the main premise of the SNES release - featuring the original music, adventure and plot - remains intact from it’s conversion to the Game Boy Advance, the game will also feature additional elements not included in the original version, such as new areas and character with new abilities, spells and items and the ability to join and leave the party at different areas of the adventure.

Final Fantasy IV is currently scheduled for a December 12, 2005 release in America, with a PAL release to be announced thereafter. And while we bathe in the glow of this recent announcement, we can’t help but think about when and where Final Fantasy III for the DS will fit in between all of this. If at all.

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8 years ago
I'm interested to see what changes nintendo will make.

It's amusing that nintendo will have released FF4 before square make good on their promise to bring FF3 to DS, despite announcing it shortly after DS launch. And then there's Crystal Chronicles and an english translation of Egg Monster Heroes.... perhaps it'd be better if nintendo took on more of squares IP?
8 years ago
Another remake? Sure, it's nice to re-live such moments, but it would be better if something new was released.
8 years ago
^ Couldn't agree more. Why do they waste their time. I'll pass, thanks. I'll be waiting for FFXII.
8 years ago
I think I may purchase this only to finally experience the game but I think finding the original Snes title would be more better...
8 years ago
i wish i could come up with something else to say so i could hide the fact that i found "more better" really amusing...

ah well.
8 years ago
Shut up you, it was late last night and I was tired. icon_wink.gif
8 years ago
i'm glad you didn't take that the wrong way icon_smile.gif

i just had to re-read it a few times since something wasn't quite right, you know?
8 years ago
ObsoletE wrote
i'm glad you didn't take that the wrong way icon_smile.gif

i just had to re-read it a few times since something wasn't quite right, you know?
Oh no, I'm glad you mentioned it. It is indeed a piss-poor mistake to make. No point fixing it either, especially considering it has now become the joke of the forums. icon_wink.gif
8 years ago
good, and i trust that when i use some form of "almost, but not quite there" english mistake, you'll be there to make me the next joke. icon_smile.gif
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