27 Jul, 2005

DRIV3R announced for GBA

GBA News | How to make a bad game worse?
Atari has today announced that DRIV3R, unarguably one of the most disappointing games of 2004, will be coming to the Gameboy Advance this Autumn.

The game itself is actually going to be developed by a different team, so the game could be a little better than the console counterparts. The game is going to developed by G. Duabail and F. Velez, the names behind other Gameboy Advance games such as Stuntman and V-Rally 3.

The game will contain an 'Undercover' game mode with 25 missions, whilst the storyline will follow the same narrative as the console versions, with a few twists. There are going to be more than 25 vehicles available and the driving mini games such as Slalom, Checkpoint, Trailblazer and Destruction will all return.

We have high hopes that the different team might make DRIV3R a somewhat playable title at least. We're yet to get images, but as soon as we do they'll be appearing on the site, so check back.

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8 years ago
I didn't enjoy the last Driver games on GBA, or GTA games, or pretty much any GBA racers. The graphics are far to limiting; why play this when you can play GTA:SA on PC? icon_neutral.gif
8 years ago
You can't carry a PC around with you icon_razz.gif Unless you're a tank who doesn't have image issues.

Driv3r was a shocker, which was real shame considering how fun the original was. I looked good throughout development but as soon as you get the game and turn the first corner only to have your car flip is... bizarre.

It's funny, in GTA:SA they make a pretty blatant stab at the game. When you're in Mad Dogg's Mansion, one of the guards is playing a video game, and when he shouts "Tanner, you suck!" and "How could Reflection fuck up so badly?" you unfortunately know which game he's playing

True, sad and funny at the same time.
8 years ago
Rockstar have been taking swipes at the Driver series since GTA went 3D...

there was the mission in GTA3 where you were chasing an Undercover police officer who handled cars well but was next to useless outside a vehicle...

i think they even called him Tanner at one stage...

and in Driv3r they supposedly took a swipe at GTA... but i didn't play enough to hear it...

overall i think Rockstar have more bragging rights...
8 years ago
Ive already broken one GBA, so its probably not the best idea for me to get this game..
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