17 Sep, 2004

Gameboy Advance SP price slashed in UK as two new Limited Edition GBAs appear

GBA News | Nintendo slash the price of the SP, and announce good news for handheld Mario and Zelda fans.
Just a few days after slashing the price of a GBA SP in Australia, Nintendo of Europe today confirmed that UK gamers would be enjoying a similar cut, with the price of the handheld in the UK dropping by £20 to £69.99 (approximately $180AUD). And whilst the reduction in price (which becomes effective as of 24th September) still leaves the UK price a little higher than the new Aussie price tag of $149AUD, PALGN isn't complaining.

Ninty also announced that two more Limited Edition Game Boy Advance SP bundles would be appearing on shop shelves in time for Christmas. The Zelda Limited Edition Pak launches across Europe on 12th November 2004 and includes a limited edition Zelda-branded Gold Coloured Game Boy Advance SP, plus a copy of the forthcoming The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap. The Mario Limited Edition Pak launches across Europe on 19th November 2004 and will contain a copy of Mario vs. Donkey Kong, along with a unique Mario themed Game Boy Advance SP. Both Limited Edition Pak's have an estimated retail price of around £89 in the UK.

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9 years ago
somethings wrong with the pic links...
9 years ago
Should be working now icon_smile.gif
9 years ago
That Mario one is elite. icon_lol.gif
9 years ago
I need that Zelda one...Although the NES edition screams at me every time I see it.

But damn, they are still only £10 cheaper than when I first bought mine.

I just hope they don't release a Samus one, then I'm screwed.

Edit: \/ Amen to that Hyperworm.
9 years ago
Best SP yet icon_biggrin.gif

I much prefer the Zelda one. icon_smile.gif
The Mario SP just doesn't have the same level of style, and the lid and body don't seem to work together at all. icon_dumb.gif
9 years ago
OMG wtf u joekin reite? icon_eek.gif

It blends so well! icon_biggrin.gif
9 years ago
That Zelda GBA SP looks amazing.
9 years ago
It blends like spray cans and seizures.

The Zelda one is far better. The golden Triforce looks awesome, as does the emblem on the interface. Nintendo sure know howto milk the market dry with Special Editions. icon_razz.gif Just think of all the people who will buy this only to have the DS arrive half a year later.

Which brings up another point: If Nintendo aim to market the DS alongside the GBA, not against it, then why include backwards compatibility in the DS. With the ability to play any Nintendo Handheld game, it effectively nulls any reason to keep a GBASP other than for show.
9 years ago
Best SP yet.
I disagree personally - in my (admittedly biased, as I have one) eyes, the Japanese Famicom Limited Edition GBA SP surpasses all other Gameboys for sheer beauty. icon_smile.gif


- Fido
9 years ago
If I ever update my GBA to an SP (no real need now the DS is close but who knows what I'll do..) then I think I'll get that Zelda one. It is awesome!

If they release a Samus one, I'll have to get that though...
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