Chris Leigh
04 Apr, 2006

Tomb Raider: Legend is GameCube-bound

GCN News | First ever appearance on Nintendo home consoles for Lara.
Given the comparative success of each, it's slightly odd that Lara Croft and one of Nintendo's consoles are yet to meet (yes, we're aware that skanky 2D Tomb Raider games have appeared on the Game Boy Advance and Game Boy Color, but we're talking home consoles here). That's all set to change in the near future however, with Eidos today announcing that Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Legend will be finding its way to the GameCube this September in the US. A PAL date is yet to appear for the Cube release.

Of course, Ms Croft will be seen on the PlayStation 2, Xbox, PC and PSP at some point in April in Europe and Australia, and the Xbox 360 release will be following closely behind. But if you're one of these odd types who only ever buys Nintendo hardware, you'll also be able to enjoy a dose of Lara. Eventually. It may be worth it as well, as Legend is looking like it could just be a little better than the usual dross churned out under the Tomb Raider banner since the first and second game appeared. But then everyone said the same about Angel of Darkness. Either way, our review will be here soon, telling you all you need to know.

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8 years ago
I hope Toby gaurd has shaped Lara up. I enjoyed her Saturn debut, and am plussed to find another game to usher my beloved cube into retirement.
8 years ago
I heard this game is actually quite decent, surprising too see it is coming to the Gamecube though.
8 years ago
First time in, like, two years that a Gamecube version has been added, rather then dropped, even though stuff like Prince of Persia and Spiderman sell well on GCN. It's probably because Gamecube sales have increased recently in the US, and Xbox sales have plummeted following the introduction of the 360.
8 years ago
Why all the Developer jumping on the Cube Bandwagon so late in its life?

8 years ago
I think Eidos have gone on record by being impress, and surprised, with the amount of copies Lego Star Wars sold, despite it being only recently released compared to the other versions. I think developers just under estimate the selling power of the Gamecube owners. Timesplitters 2 sold the best of all three consoles, and even so EA refused to release the GameCube version in Australia.

Developers only get scared of putting their titles on the consoles (Nintendo's) mainly because of their console's demographic. And in most cases, developers aren't willing to spend money on releasing a game that they think won't sell.

Good news though, there's no way I'm waiting until a GameCube version despite how much I prefer the system's controller over the PS2's.
8 years ago
^^Yeah, the wait is probably not worth it, and was one of the reasons why many third party games sold badly on GCN early in the generation - the Gamecube version was late.

I remember that Hitman 2 had actually been released as a budget 'platinum' version on PS2 when the Gamecube version finally arrived (at full price), and then the execs announced that they were dropping Gamecube support 'because Hitman 2 didn't sell!! They never gave it a chance.
8 years ago
^ sif anyone would have bought Hitman 2 anyway.
8 years ago
That's nice that Tomb Raider: Legend is coming to the Nintendo GameCube, but in the article there was talk that there will be an Xbox version available. Yet, after venturing to three Electronics Boutique stores and one Harvey Norman store on the weekend hoping to pick up the game. But, each staff member said that the game is only being released on the PC, PS2, PSP and Xbox 360 platforms.
8 years ago


It says Q4 2006 release so that's why the staff would have NFI.
8 years ago
once again coming out late for the GC, why even be bother at all in the 1st place then.
8 years ago
Oh well, doesn't matter. JB Hi-Fi had the Xbox version of Tomb Raider: Legend.
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