Michael Goncalves
28 Jan, 2003

Metroid Prime Release Date Revealed!

GCN News | Nintendo Australia have finally announced a date.
On January 25th this year Nintendo Australia announced that Metriod Prime will be released on the 3rd April 2003!

AUSTRALIA, Melbourne, January 23rd, 2003 - The Australian countdown to the most anticipated Nintendo GameCube™ title to date has begun. Clear your calender and set your alarms for Thursday April 3rd 2003 - Metroid® Prime, featuring heroine Samus Aran, will be landing on retail shelves nationwide.

Metroid® Prime features one of the most immersive and atmospheric experiences ever created. It contains the eerie solitude and claustrophobic exploration that the original Metroid games demonstrated in the 80's. Nintendo GameCube™ owners will confront the varied landscapes of the planet Tallon IV through a novel, first-person visor perspective that really makes players feel like they ARE Samus Aran.

"After the huge success of Metroid Prime in the US, Nintendo Australia is looking forward to releasing this eagerly awaited title to Australian gamers", says David Yarnton, Director of Sales and Marketing, Nintendo Australia. "Metroid Prime will demonstrate the awesome graphical and gameplay abilities of the Nintendo GameCube. This game will further strengthen the strong line-up of exclusive titles set to hit the Nintendo GameCube in 2003 and demonstrates Nintendo's commitment to developing titles for the more mature gamer".

Gamers that have been playing Metroid® Fusion (released on the Game Boy Advance™ in November 2002), and link with their own copy of Metroid® Prime in April, will be able to access special features using the unique connectivity of the Nintendo GameCube™ and Game Boy Advance™ consoles. Once Metroid® Fusion is complete, players can unlock and play the original NES version of Metroid® in Metroid® Prime and even save your game data directly to a Nintendo GameCube™ Memory Card.

Metroid® Prime will be classified M15+ Medium Level Animated Violence and retail for SRP$99.95.

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1 decade ago
Cool comments is that just like for the writers? Anyway cool
1 decade ago
I don't know what to say about this. Be it good or bad news. But with two huge titles been released on the same day, Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire and also Metroid Prime. Very bad move though.

But definitely something Nintendo of Australia should consider is to actual Advertise this game to the max. This game needs to sell big, not fall off in the Australian charts like many other great Gamecube games have done over the months.
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