Karl W
20 May, 2005

E3 2005: European Release Date for Zelda

GCN News | Calm down, Europeans.
On the offical European Nintendo site, the release month for highly anticipated next Zelda title, Twilight Princess, has sneakily been added. It has been quite successful at E3, with many journalists and fans caught up in the hype.

Luckily enough, European gamers will be playing Twilight Princess this year - November 1st to be specific. With Nintendo notorious for delaying Zelda titles, will this stay firm? Let's hope so.

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8 years ago
I think this date is too good to be true
8 years ago
COME ON! Hopefully Aussie release is not far behind.......
8 years ago
How lucky are you Brits. icon_sad.gif

Hopefully this means the Aus release won't be too far behind.
8 years ago
Aussies and brits both got ocarina of time before christmas, so we'll get it this year.

Anyway, aussies got the DS way before england!
8 years ago
^ And for some strange reason, we got MK:DD before US!
8 years ago
If the 360 is launching before Christmas in Europe you can bet this will launch on time.
8 years ago
Should this not launch in Australia before Europe, I'll import it. Good to know that either way, I'm going to get this game around November 1st. icon_biggrin.gif
8 years ago
I have seen the screen shots and watched the trailer but im just dying for it to come out in Aussie stores.
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