Matt Bassos
21 Oct, 2004

Metroid Prime 2 has gone Gold

GCN News | The Gamecube’s great hope for Christmas is complete.
Metroid Prime 2: Echoes has passed Nintendo certification and has officially gone Gold. The game is set for a December 2nd release in Australia and November 26th in Europe, news that will no doubt have Metroid fans jumping for joy.

Let's just hope that the title doesn’t follow the recent debacles of other big name titles and become pirated over the internet. If you haven’t been keeping up with current events click here to read the big news of the Halo 2 leak, or here for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

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9 years ago
Boo for lack of monies! I will buy it sometime though, probably Christmas..
9 years ago
I'll wait until I finished the first one. Then I'll consider it.
9 years ago
icon_eek.gif you still haven't finished it???? how long have you had it!!! i'm gunna get it...
9 years ago
I hope they promote it. They don't even have to lie or exagerate: It's the sequel to the best game ever!!!
9 years ago
I've had it for quite a while, I just have been a bit busy with my job, you know, I have to make money.
9 years ago
merlingt wrote
I've had it for quite a while, I just have been a bit busy with my job, you know, I have to make money.
Sounds familar. icon_dead.gif

Although the main reason I don't finish games is that I like to procrastinate.
9 years ago
Yeah its coming man ive been counting the days
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