29 Aug, 2004

Hands on Report: Nintendo Superchallenge

GCN Feature | Including some underground photos of the event in action and impressions of Donkey Konga.
This morning I had the opportunity to attend round three of the Nintendo Superchallenge at Knox Cinemas. Tickets cost $12 and round three signifies the halfway point of the tournament.

For those of you who are unaware, the Nintendo Superchallenge is an event run by Nintendo in conjunction with Village cinemas. Gaming fans have the opportunity to play against fellow gamers and see just how good they are. The event takes place on the big cinemas screens.

At the end of six rounds the top fifty players from each cinema are thrown into one final "Superchallenge" round, the winner will win a trip to Nintendo's American Headquarters, The person who places 2nd will receive a Nintendo Gamecube and a year's supply of Gamecube Games and the person who places third receives a private Gold Class screening for 25 people.

Every week the person who sets the best time on a pre-determined game will receive a limited edition Tribal Gameboy Advance SP, currently not available in Australia.

So the day started early, registration must be done by 8:30, I walked into Knox cinemas with about seventy other people as we prepared to do battle. Four Gamecube units were set up outside the V-Max screen and were showcasing Mario Kart: Double Dash!! and Donkey Konga.

The game to be played this week was Super Smash Brothers: Melee and it’s just as addictive now as it was two years ago. Each of us took turns playing through and was ranked, 4th place receives five points, 3rd place receives ten points, 2nd place receives fifteen points and 1st place receives twenty points.

I ended up placing 2nd, 2nd and 2nd so i received fifteen points for this round. My friend managed to place 1st, 4th and 1st so he receives twenty points for the event.

The Nintendo Superchallenge is a great event for all ages, the youngest player there was seven and people aged up to fifty were playing, males and females also attended. Nintendo gave away a few prizes during the event, ranging from movie tickets to radios.

Thankfully we didn't have to sit through any cheesy Mario impersonators but the MC for the day was a little lackluster. He made several mistakes and clearly had no idea what he was talking about half the time. Often he had to stop to read the answers to the questions he was asking off the sheet.

As mentioned above, Donkey Konga was on show. I had a bit of a quick bash, the songs which were featured in the game ranged from the Super Mario Bros. Theme to All the Small Things from Blink 182. The aim of the game is to beat the drum as the significant tokens go past Donkey Kong, similar to Dance Dance Revolution. The premise is simple, but Donkey Konga looks like it is going to be a great little game. The drums feel solid and study and are obviously capable of taking quite a beating.

Overall we were really pleased with the Nintendo Superchallenge. We will be attending again in another two weeks time and we hope to see some fellow PALGN readers there as well. We tried to take as many photos of the event as possible (these can be viewed in the media panel) but we were reprimanded and told to put the camera away halfway through the event. PALGN will have more information on the Nintendo Superchallenge as soon as it becomes available.

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9 years ago
I dropped by the Superchallenge at Crown this morning, but no ticket and no time to participate in anything (I was supposed to be at the Swinburne open day. <_<) meant I was reduced to casually checking out the four demo units outside the cinemas (which interestingly enough, showcased the very first demo disc Nintendo Australia released - SSB:M was available, but it didn't make sense for all four demo machines to have the same old demo disc.).

Looks good. Didn't know they had Donkey Konga there. I doubt I'll be going in the future though. 8:30 AM? Crown is about 40 mins away, Knox is about 50 mins away. Bah.
9 years ago
yeah, i go to that, and i'm on the top of the ladder at knox with 3 other people.100 points each so far.
9 years ago
how interesting, i also go to knox, so did you go today?
9 years ago
Hehe - I also was at Knox. I won the GBASP in emphatic tradition icon_razz.gif - I couldn't beleive how easy it was to win!!!
9 years ago
i'm at the top at 150 points, havent won anything, probably wont. lol only 4 people at the top, it was a good competition. anyone else on this post really looking forward to the new zelda? I know i am. Good luck to all Knox finalists. Hope to see all of you there.
9 years ago
i hope nintendo does another one next year, with better freebies and better games in the demo pods, coz doney konga kinda gets old.
9 years ago
I'll be at the finals representing PALGN.

Overall I went well, apart from my second placing in Mario Kart Double Dash!!, which is the game that'll determent who'll win the comp.

blcknyte, who were you at the Knox comp? I may have seen you a couple times.
9 years ago
i was the guy who won the double dash race between the top four people @ knox. who were you?
9 years ago
I am not the Freeman kid, although i do know him...
9 years ago
I asked the Nintendo official in Knox this question:

> Will Ninty be running the competition next year?
Ninty dude: I assume so.
> WIll they make it Aus-wide?
Ninty Dude: I doubt they (Nintendo) will be smart enough to pull it off...
> ...

Anyways, good luck to all Knox competitors, and may we cane everyone and everything!!

(I finished equal 10th on the Knox ladder).
9 years ago
yep, good luck for sunday, hope noone runs late from the early wake. i probably will, so hope to see knox kicking ass and taking names...ahem...
9 years ago
I hope they do decide to run it again, in Melbourne of course. I still thought the Mario Kart Double Dash!! comp was more exciting, since it was a game that no one had ever played or seen.

It was great fun and it was actually fun to go up against 'decent' competitors. The only thing I hope Nintendo to do next time is to have a secret game for the finals (one not released yet).

You guys receive your invites yet? I think we get a free coloured cap! Good luck to Knox competitors though. I hope to see you all there as well.
9 years ago
i got me invite on tuesday, and i get a red cap!!! and i hope they have more goddies for us apart from a crappy backpack...
9 years ago
valued at 49.95...
9 years ago
Wow - the Superfinal was a stellar success!! It was better than the Double Dash Challenge last year!

Although Knox must concede by being one of the WORST groups (lol) in the final, I was stoked at some of the talent. It was all good fun.

I bailed out in F-Zero GX.
9 years ago
Yeah it was pretty good. Some amazing talent there, a bit of a surprise though.

I though seeing that 'certain' video footage at the start was pretty good. Even though I've already seen it before, It was still good to actually see and hear it through a movie screen.
9 years ago
well, crashed out in 1080, shouldve practiced a bit more. lol. WOW how cool was the footage shown @ the start. Seen most of it @ cube ign, but wow. I was practically the only one who cheered for Geist. I'm such a loser. Hope everyone had fun. Wot were the best parts for u peoples? It wouldve made my year if they had shown the extended trailer for Zelda, but oh well... so, best bits? Anyone?
9 years ago
Gosh, there were hepas of highlights. But I enjoyed watching the Melee battles. Some were amazing. The crowd got behind it all - I live for that title!! I'm still disappointed I didn't get that far, because F-Zero is meant to be my 'specialty' game, but I underperformed.

I guess the trailers were cool to watch, but I've already seen them before - I thought Ninty would shows us some cool new stuff. It was funny when everyone booed the Harry Potter trailer. Otherwise, all the other games were cheered for. icon_smile.gif
9 years ago
When the girl from Nintendo of Australia started talking about how we'll get to see something the Australian public hadn't seen before, I seriously thought she was going to pull out a DS.

I went out after 1080. I was absolutely kicking-butt, then I was trying to get all fancy with my moves and I feel over. Biggest mistake ever. I don't think I would've missed out by much on the time though. I got something like 53'40. Still, it was a great day.

I hope Nintendo do decide to run a similar competition next year.
9 years ago
yep, i got out of 1080 with 53.46. My two friends @ the comp got into Fzero, but were eliminated. Bugger. Oh well. Lol at the booing at Harry Potter. I thought the game was crap too. I wish i was in the super smash one. I love that game. When the guy chose black link, i was like, "hope he wins, coz i always choose black link" But then he ran into the final attack, and i cracked up laughing. Oh well. It was sweet seeing footage i'd only read about on the interweb.
9 years ago
I hope Nintendo run the same thing next year, but with more emphasis on Melee, and hopefully, Prime 2: Echoes!
9 years ago
i hope next year they have a different system, where the points from the qualifying rounds affect your status in the final, or something. And that they change the process of elimination, so people dont get sick of watching 75 rounds of the same course in 1080. Hope next year they have heaps of surprises for us. icon_smile.gif
9 years ago
Man the superfinal was intense!! I would like to gloat that I was the best placed knox finisher icon_biggrin.gif icon_wink.gif I made it to smash bros which I am pretty crap at then picked samus and tried to hide for most of it until the eventual winner realised and came and kicked my but! icon_biggrin.gif icon_lol.gif icon_lol.gif Damn he was good at that! People cheered when I died cause I was bein such a pussy! icon_biggrin.gif I shoulda really played that more! I thought all the restarts in the final round were ridiculous!! It needs to be more reliable than that when big prizes are involved! overall well run though! Great day! And congrats to sunshine! Those dudes put everyone else (knox especially) to shame!
9 years ago
Congratulation for getting that far, man. I would have loved to have reached that stage. And I was rootin' for ya purple Samus! But top 16 is great stuff!
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