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No longer in a dream, Snake Eater!
Free stuff!
Seventh heaven.
There's a story in there... somewhere.
Dressing up as your favourite furry animal never felt so right.
How does Sega's magnum opus fare on 3DS?
A crime to miss it?
Because everything's better with ninjas.
Is there a ninja waiting in your mail box?
Us too.
Master system.
Is this the classic Tetris we all know and love, or is it a few blocks short of a cleared line?
Wheely soon.
Prepare for a little extra 'padding.'
Bringing people together, one code at a time.
Celebrating the return of the Ninja.
The future of N.
Plenty of new footage, and the usual Japan weirdness.
Get connected.
Dare you enter the third dimension?
Some pocket sized fun.
The 3DS gets its 'Thor of War'... Yes, we went there.
We go hands-on with the latest in Nintendo’s treasured racer.
No objections here.
The world ends with you.
A sneak peak.
Damn it Square, words don't work that way!
Heihachimus Prime
Never getting localised, but what the hell.
Still on track for a 2011 PAL release.

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