01 Jan, 2008

PALGN's Most Anticipated Games of 2008

PALGN Feature | And you thought 2007 was populated.
2007 was a big year for games that may go down as one of the best. But, it could have been so much bigger. Every month since August a big name title was delayed until 2008 and while it broke our hearts in 2007 it made us giddy for 2008. Well, the New Year is upon us and we thought we'd take a look at our most anticipated titles of 2008, with games like The Club, Zak and Wiki, Prototype and Alone in the Dark missing out on being included, you know this is a list of quality.


Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Release: Quarter 1, 2008 | F: Wii
D: Nintendo | P: Nintendo

Super Smash Bros. Brawl is the first game on our list and it also has the honour of also being on last year's list, this just means our demands for the game are higher. In a year we've found out a lot about the game through its website, and it's shaping up to be one of the most promising titles of 2008. Brawl will feature several new characters including Solid Snake, Zero Suit Samus, Meta Knight and of course Sonic the Hedgehog. The game will also include online play as well as new stages and the option to play with either the Gamecube controller, the classic controller or the Wii remote and nunchuk.


Mario Kart Wii

Release: Q2, 2008 | F: Wii
D: Nintendo | P: Nintendo

Mario Kart Wii was first revealed a few months ago and small details about the game have been leaking out ever since. The game will come with a packed in steering wheel controller, includes motorbikes for the first time in the franchise, and will include tracks from previous Mario Kart games as well as new ones. We're crossing our fingers for online play as well.


Wii Fit

Release: 2008 | F: Wii
D: Nintendo | P: Nintendo

Wii Fit is a difficult game to describe. The game comes with a balance board, which is essentially a wireless mat with weigh sensors. Using the balance board, players will complete fitness routines and Wii Fit will tell players what their BMI is, which should be good for those at home who feel they could do with losing a few pounds. The game has already been released in Japan and we simply cannot wait to hop on that balance board and be told just how fat we are.


No More Heroes

Release: Q1, 2008 | F: Wii
D: Grasshopper Manufacture | P: Red Ant Enterprises

brought us the stylistic Killer7. It's features a free roaming world, and while the main objective is to kill the top ten assassins, there are side quests to be completed. The game is played with the Wii Remote and the Nunchuk attachment, with the remote controlling a katana and the nunchuk moving Travis. Considering we are huge fans of Grasshopper's previous work we cannot wait to see what the development team can come up with on the Wii.


Xbox 360:

Too Human

Release: July 2008 TBC | F: Xbox 360
D: Silicon Knights | P: Microsoft Game Studios

Too Human is the next title in development at Silicon Knights, who worked on Eternal Darkness. Based on Norse mythology, the game is a third person action adventure role playing game and the first game in a planned trilogy of titles. The title has had a turbulent history as the game was originally planned for the PlayStation, was then moved to the Gamecube and will finally see a release on the Xbox 360. After so many years in development we hope the wait has been worth it - we think it will.


Banjo Kazooie 3

Release: Quarter 4, 2008 | F: Xbox 360
D: Rare | P: Microsoft Game Studios

Banjo Kazooie was unveiled at X06 in 2006 and also appeared on our list last year. Since then we've received no extra word on the game, but this hasn't stopped the game from staying as one of our most anticipated games of 2008. All we know for now is that Banjo Kazooie 3 will reunite Banjo and Kazooie in what will hopefully be one of Rare's best.


Fable 2

Release: 2008 | F: Xbox 360
D: Lionhead Studios | P: Microsoft Game Studios

While the original Fable was a good game it didn't exactly deliver on its promises. With Fable 2 Lionhead Studios are hoping to release an RPG to put others to shame. It features even more choices than in the first Fable and is set 500 years after the original game. The game also adds in a new and unique combat system and you will even have a canine companion beside you this time.


Ninja Gaiden 2

Release: Q2, 2008 | F: Xbox 360
D: Team Ninja | P: Microsoft Game Studios

Ninja Gaiden 2 will see players take control of Ryu Hayabusa again on a mission to avenge his clan and prevent the destruction of the human race in a brand new game engine which has been developed from the ground up. The game will also include a new auto-health regeneration system as well as new levels, adventures and of course, enemies. The game is exclusive to the Xbox 360 and considering Team Ninja's past success with the Xbox 360, we simply cannot wait for Ninja Gaiden 2.


PlayStation 3:

Killzone 2

Release: Quarter 4, 2008 | F: PlayStation 3
D: Guerilla Games | P: Sony Computer Entertainment

Despite the fact that Killzone 2 was only officially confirmed a couple years ago it has already garnered a lot of controversy. The game debuted at E3 in 2005, but it was later revealed that the footage that players saw was merely rendered video footage. Even so the game appears to be shaping up rather well and we cannot wait to see whether Guerilla Games is all talk or whether they can prove themselves as a world class developer.


Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

Release: Q2, 2007 | F: PlayStation 3
D: Konami | P: Konami

A little older, and a little greyer, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots will mark the return of PlayStation’s favourite son Snake in an effort to prove that he’s still got enough left to take on the latest threat to mankind – not to mention boost PS3 sales. While much of the gameplay from past titles has been retained, this old soldier still has a few new tricks up his sleeve including the all-new "Octocamo" camouflage system which will allow Snake to blend into any surface for a matter of seconds. New features, tried-and-true stealth gameplay and a robust online component will definitely make Snake one deadly opponent to the hip pockets of PS3 owners.



Release: 2008 | F: PlayStation 3
D: Sony | P: Sony

LittleBigPlanet was first announced back in March last year and has had our attention ever since. The game features co-operative play. The object of LittleBigPlanet is remarkably simple, just to get to the end of the stage. But rather than just head right players will need to work together to pull up items from the pop-up menu to insert into the game to get to the end of each level. Excitingly, the game also includes integrated content creation tools for the player. LittleBigPlanet could just turn out to be the PlayStation 3's most successful new IP. All indications are that this game will be incredibly enjoyable.


Gran Turismo 5

Release: 2008 | F: PlayStation 3
D Polyphony Digital | P: Sony Computer Entertainment

Our fingers and toes are crossed that we will see Gran Turismo 5 this year, but we're not too sure. Specific details on the game are scarce as gold medals on the license tests but this hasn't stopped us from getting excited about Polyphony Digital's next game (well after Gran Turismo 5: Prologue). Gran Turismo 5 should include network play, a wealth of new tracks and cars and we also wouldn't be surprised to see the license tests and the arcade mode return either.



Grand Theft Auto IV

Release: Quarter 2, 2007 | F: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
D: Rockstar Games | P: Rockstar Games

When Grand Theft Auto IV slipped from 2007 to 2008 it nearly destroyed our year. While we've been treated to images, videos and even a few small details on the game's main protagonist Nico, Rockstar have still kept most details on GTA IV under wraps. Will we get a chance to engage in taxi missions? Fly a helicopter into a building or go on those crazy rampages? Well, we're not sure yet but we damn well hope so. As one of Rockstar's premiere franchises GTA IV is sure to be a game that was well, well worth the wait.


Burnout Paradise

Release: January 22nd, 2008 | F: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
D: EA Games | P: EA Games

Burnout Paradise is the latest evolution of the Burnout franchise. The game is set in Paradise City and for the first time ever in a Burnout game you will be able to drive around the city at your own discretion. In Burnout Paradise you simply need to drive up to a traffic light to initiate an event. In total there will be over 100 events in the game as well as over 40 cars.


Fallout 3

Release: Quarter 4, 2008 | F: PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
D: Bestheda | P: ???

Anything that Bestheda seems to touch turns to gold, which is why we have such high hopes for Fallout 3. Fallout 3 is an action role playing game set in a post apocalyptic world. The character you will take control of is a member of Vault 101, a fallout shelter which serves Washington DC, who one day wakes up to find that his father has left the shelter and gone into the Washington wastlelands. Your character chases after his father and this is where Fallout 3 begins. Actual details on the game are slim, but the next game from Bestheda is definitely a title to keep an eye on.


Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Release: | F: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PS2, Wii
D: Lucasarts | P: Activision

One of the most reliable rules of gaming is that everyone wants to wield a lightsaber and use the force. Innumerable games have been built to success on this principle. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is the latest of these, and has caught our attention because it seems to have grabbed the principle and injected it with steroids. Players will use force powers so ridiculously overcharged that it appears to be commonplace to see monolithic Star Destroyers being downed by a single force-user. Also interesting will be the new engine LucasArts has built for the game, which sees the game's A.I. responding in unique and fluid ways rather than pre-programmed animations. The Force Unleashed looks to be a return to the arcade Star Wars days of old.




Release: Quarter 2, 2007 | F: PC
D: Maxis | P: EA

Spore is another game that could have just as easily been in last year's list, but at the time we were pretty sure the game wouldn't be out before the end of 2007 and we we were right (Wright?). Will Wright, the game designer who has previously worked on games like SimCity has spread his wings to Spore, a game that follows the evolution of a species. Spore will also be coming to mobile phones and the Nintendo DS but it is the PC version that has us the most excited. In Spore you will follow the evolution of an organism through several phases, including the cellular phase and the creature phase, while finally ending up at the space phase. Each phase will have completely different gameplay, which should keep things nice and refreshing. Considering Spore looks to be remarkably different from anything we've ever seen we are very excited.


Left for Dead

Release: Q2, 2008 | F: PC
D: Valve | P: Valve

When Valve and Turtle Rock Studios last teamed up they produced Counter-Strike: Condition Zero. Left for Dead is a co-operative online survival horror game that takes place in several locations. In the game there are several different 'teams" such as survivors and infected. So for example if you are a survivor you will be fighting to stay as one, but if you are infected then you'll be looking to convert the survivors. With a large variety of weapons and a huge developer behind Left for Dead this is sure to be a game that will rock.


World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King

Release: 2008 | F: PC
D: Blizzard | P: Vivendi / Activision Blizzard

One of the very first games to be added to this list was World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King. As the most successful MMO of all time World of Warcraft has left others in its wake and the second expansion looks to be even more full of content than the first expansion pack. Wrath of the Lich King introduces the death knight hero class and also lets players create a new death knight character once certain criteria are met. Players will now be able to move up to Level 80 (previously the level cap was Level 70) and there will be a whole new region in the game. World of Warcraft fans should prepare to take a month off work.


Starcraft 2

Release: TBA 2008 | F: PC
D: Blizzard | P: Vivendi / Activision Blizzard

Judging by this list alone it seems like 2008 is going to be a very profitable year for Blizzard. When Starcraft 2 was finally announced back in May 2007, our mouths dropped, fanboys scurried for the first images and wet their pants when they saw them. Starcraft 2 is a real time strategy game that will include a campaign editor and there will be new upgrades and abilities. While Starcraft 2 doesn't look like it is going to completely revolutionise the RTS genre, fans of the series won't care - all they want is more Starcraft and with Starcraft 2 that is exactly what they will get.



God of War: Chains of Olympus

Release: Quarter 1, 2007 | F: PSP
D: Ready At Dawn | P: Sony Computer Entertainment Australia

When Ready At Dawn last worked on a PSP game they produced the brilliant Daxter, so it is no surprise that Chains of Olympus is shaping up to be one of our most anticipated PSP games. Chains of Olympus contains a side story from the previous God of War games and is more of a prequel. From our short hands on with Chains of Olympus we could tell that it is a game that may make God of War fans very happy.


Secret Agent Clank

Release: Q2, 2007 | F: PSP
D: High Impact Games | P: Sony Computer Entertainment Australia

When Daxter was released in 2006 we knew that Clank would star in a spin off down the line, but we didn't realise it would be this late. Secret Agent Clank is in development at High Impact Games and is a platformer which stars the lovable robot. Clank will have access to a large range of weapons and there should be a variety of different stealth themed missions. The PSP doesn't have too much on the horizon but Secret Agent Clank is a game that definitely has our attention.


Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney

Release: 2008 TBC | F: Nintendo DS
D: Capcom | P: Nintendo

Forgetting that we've only just gotten our domestic mitts on Capcom's first two eccentric lawyer adventure sims in 2007. Forget that we might even receive Capcom's long-awaited reboot of the franchise before the final chapter in the Phoenix Wright trilogy ever reaches our shores - if at all. With a whole new cast of eccentric witnesses and villains, the least Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney will do is start off with a release date that isn't years behind other territories. Whereas the formerly Japan-exclusive Phoenix Wright games were more or less straight ports of GBA games to the Nintendo DS platform for the sake of Western audiences, the cases in Apollo Jusitce have been designed from the ground up for the DS. For those who were fortunate enough to play through Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney to the very end, this means an engaging return of the touch-screen game design that graced the exclusive fifth case in that game. With the promise of even more of the clever writing the series is renowned for, along with a couple of familiar faces making a cameo appearance, fans and DS owners alike will unsurprisingly not be making any objections against Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney.


Advance Wars: Days of Ruin

Release: Q2, 2007 | F: Nintendo DS
D: Intelligent Systems | P: Nintendo

Advance Wars: Days of Ruin is a game we simply cannot wait for. The entire cast from the previous games has been replaced with new characters, there are new units, new properties and CO powers have been fine tuned. There will be 26 story based missions as well as online multiplayer with voice chat. We're huge fans of the Advance Wars series here at PALGN and Days of Ruin looks like it is going to be the ultimate title in the franchise.


The following article was comprised by taking a vote of all the current PALGN staff on their most anticipated titles of 2008. A huge thanks goes to Daniel Golding, Kimberley Ellis and Harry Milonas for their contribution on this article as well

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6 years ago
Left 4 Dead should be in the multiplatform section, it is also on the 360, not just the PC. Great list though.
6 years ago
When is FFXIII set for release 2008 or 2009?
6 years ago
In terms of the exclusives of the 360 and PS3 i feel that the PS3 has the definate AAA's up their sleeve.

All of those games will be guaranteed quality, with the obvious exception being Killzone 2, which is shrouded by scepticism.
6 years ago
Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Versus XIII will most likely be 2009 PS3 exclusives, along with The Getaway, Wardevil, LA Noire and God Of War 3. Good times ahead for gaming icon_smile.gif
6 years ago
Yeah i was going to say if it was 2008 it should be in the most anticipated for ps3. Ahh well more waiting
6 years ago
Actually isn't Spore also on the DS and Wii, not just the PC?

Edit: Dont worry you mentioned that already in the article, my bad. I always thought that the Wii and PC versions were going to be much the same. And to think I used to be such a Nintendo fan back in the day icon_redface.gif
6 years ago
We went for primary platforms, Spore on Wii/DS is likely to be very very different from the PC version.
6 years ago
Quite right. I was wrong to even consider questioning the wisdom of the PALGN staff. Many apologies icon_razz.gif
6 years ago
I think that there are quite a few games you did miss off the list on the Ps3 section but then most of the others are unproven yet or are unknown as to the release date at all.

As for Spore it's also in works for 360 and Ps3 according to announcements about a year ago but I'm not sure if they are still sticking to those.
6 years ago
Titles were missed off the list on purpose, we're not including every game, just 4 per platform, 2 per handheld.
6 years ago
Is Far Cry 2 a 2008 game?
6 years ago
Saints Row 2 will be out in 2008...it better be spectacular!
6 years ago
the big name sequels will all sell incredibly well next year, but im betting that a game like littlebigplanet will capture people's hearts in much the same way portal did in 2007

bring on no more heroes
6 years ago
IMO it's Sony's year this time. If they can release all those games within 2008, and drop a few more suprises (I hear God of War III's being unveiled at E3...), it'll be a very high point for them.
6 years ago
Roll on 2008!
6 years ago
Sounds good, although 2008 will have to work hard to meet the gaming heaven that was the latter part of this year.
6 years ago
Having not caught up to 2007 in terms of games purchases, I eagerly anticipate delays on games to give me time to play catch up.

(joking on actually wishing for delays icon_wink.gif)
6 years ago
I dont think it say's a lot about the quality of upcoming wii software if Wii fit manages to make the list. IMO.
6 years ago
In terms of the exclusives of the 360 and PS3 i feel that the PS3 has the definate AAA's up their sleeve.
I'd rather be playing ninja gaiden2 and fable2 personally
6 years ago
Dear Lord, let me live long enough to play Fallout 3. Please. I beg you. No bus crashes. No midair collisions. No heart attacks.

This is all I ask of Him. icon_smile.gif
6 years ago
I assume that RE 5 is going to be released in 2009? If that's the case it will pain me to think about it.
6 years ago
All platforms look to have gems. It should be a good year.

I expect Gears 2 to hit late this year as well. *Prays for 4 player co-op*
6 years ago
Don't forget Odin Sphere. Playstation 2 is still relevant. Sort of.
6 years ago
the doag wrote
I assume that RE 5 is going to be released in 2009? If that's the case it will pain me to think about it.
Capcom are meant to be releasing another trailer sometime (E3 is my guess) which introduces us to a character in the game which is suppose to greatly affect the gameplay. I think that its meant to be the female chick from the end of the other trailers.

Beyond MGS4, I'm looking forward to the games which are a bit harder to judge. I mean we all know that Smash Bros will be great but I'm more interested in finding out if Too Human blows our minds or bombs. I've been slagging Dennis Dyack for a while now and I want to know if it was all worth it or not.

The same goes for Banjo Kazooie, this game should be the game that proves where Rare is really at.
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