17 Sep, 2007

The PALGN Podcast, Episode 3

PALGN Feature | Furious Joe, "blurry" discs, and Tristan moves house.
You know that feeling you get when you take a left down the strip in Vegas, pass the Bellagio, and somehow find yourself in Queensland desperately searching for a decent fajita, paying the bills by working on what was originally pitched as a Korean MMORPG but is now an MMO with a multi-million dollar prize pool backing it? Yeah, I hate it when that happens ...

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Evan, James, and Tristan make a triumphant return this episode, with Tristan having finally moved out of his toilet into more appropriate accommodation. We still won't let him on the couch though.

Featuring special guest star Joseph Hewitt, Senior Designer from Auran, we also unleash the Fury and discuss his experiences working with Sony, EA, Westwood, and Sierra as well as on a variety of gaming classics including Command and Conquer and Battletech: The Crescent Hawk's Inception. As if that wasn't enough, he also helped support Star Wars Galaxies at launch, complete with inside info on how life was in the trenches - the man's got game. Literally, actually - most in their original boxes!

We also discuss the role of storage on consoles - is the lack of large-scale storage on the 360 a deal breaker, or is Blu-ray simply a marketing gimmick? And, what's the PC perspective on all this storage kerfuffle? Have a listen and find out!

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6 years ago
I'm glad you changed that horrid old theme song. icon_biggrin.gif
6 years ago
Is it just my PC but when I download it, it is close to 50mb is that a bit too much?
6 years ago
Lord Halo Nerd wrote
Is it just my PC but when I download it, it is close to 50mb is that a bit too much?
Nah, that's right. This one is longer than the previous ones. It's about 1 hr and 40 mins.
6 years ago
I don't mean to be bagging out or anything, but 1:40 is a bit over the top don't you think. If it's longer than 30 minutes you're boring the wits off people. Not being rude or anything but I can't find 2 hours in a day where I'm not preoccupied with something else let alone concentrate on it.

I have a mild case of ADD.
6 years ago
I kinda had it as background noise, like the radio, some parts were pretty interesting and I would stop and listen
at first it was hard to listen and read around forums and stuff, but I seemed to get used to it
so even though I agree with you to some extent Mitch, for me personally it was not a problem
6 years ago
That's the First PAL GN podcast I've listened to. I skipped some parts, but found most of it very interesting.

Perhaps a little long but I was in domestic ninja mode hacking away at the endless mountain of unironed clothes that guards the door to the spare room and it definitely helped with the grind.
6 years ago
I might be an idea to split it up and release it in 20-30 minute segments (or shorter). That way I could listen during breaks between lectures at uni.

On top of this, each section could be titled according to what it covers so people only need to download what they find relevant.

I don't mean this as a complaint, since the stuff you guys do is great, just a suggestion (so it can become greatER).
6 years ago
Why do they have to split it up for you to listen to it in parts? You know you can stop it anytime and come back to it later.

I listen to lots of podcasts over the course of the day, mostly comic book podcasts (because thats the kind of geek I am) and they run on average about an hour and a half. Two of the bigger ones are Comic Geek Speak and Around Comics in case you were wondering.

I just like having them on in the background like a radio show where the hosts are talking about things I am interested in unlike most actual radio shows. Great for listening to in the car as well.

I will agree that an hour and forty minutes is kinda long though, especially when you have to listen to that annoying Joseph guy. I used to be a big fan of his, used to think he was pretty funny, now I've come to realize he sucks.

6 years ago
No compalints about the time here, well it could have gone on longer. Joseph Hewitt was interesting and good fun to hear about the insider.
6 years ago
Very interesting podcast. It is a little long, but since it was all interesting it was worth it.
You could actually split it in half and release it one a week, that way people get it every week but u only have to do it once every 2 weeks.
6 years ago
Great podcast guys. Joseph Hewitt was great!

Keep up the Great work
6 years ago
Great podcast guys, erm basically the length is an issue. Now unless your commute to work is an hour forty then it's all good, though...if thats the case you probabaly need another job. icon_wink.gif
6 years ago
Joseph4th wrote
Why do they have to split it up for you to listen to it in parts? You know you can stop it anytime and come back to it later.
Why? So that I don't need to listen to the bits which don't concern me (things like sports or racing games which I have no interest in buying), and I can focus on the good stuff easily. It just makes sense to split it into genres, or platforms, or individual games.

It's all about convenience. Not a major deal, and it doesn't make the cast any less good, it's just a simple idea.
6 years ago
I listen to several gaming podcasts and the majority of them including sites like 1up , Gamespot ,IGN & even many smaller ones like Player One regularly go for approximately 1 to 2 hours .
I really don't see the problem with the length of the podcast it's not like they produce one each day.
I also think you will find many people spend an hour or more travelling to and from work every day and enjoy having something game related to listen to if they don't feel like playing their DS/PSP
Keep up the good work guys.
6 years ago
Hey remember what I was saying about what sort of MMO Raph should be doing?

I saw this on /. the other day:

6 years ago
Scary icon_smile.gif
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