22 Aug, 2007

LGC 2007: Hub

PALGN News | Catch up with everything happening at Leipzig.
E3 2007 was a little smaller than previous years with less than 10,000 people walking through the door and with less announcements in previous years. Liepzig however has expanded exponentially and will feature over 400 exhibitors. The event contains more than 115,000 square metres of floor space, which means we feel the 2007 Games Convention will be an event that is full of game announcements, game debuts and of course, playable demos.

The convention officially begins on August the 23rd at the Leipziger Messe in Germany, but with a trade only day taking place on August the 22nd we'll be bringing you news updates from Leipzig from the 22nd. This hub will contain every article our staff post up during this busy time and with several companies exhibiting at Leipzig including Capcom, Codemasters, Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft we're sure there will be plenty of news to keep you busy.

So, lock the door, turn off the television and get ready to hit F5 on your keyboard, as Leipzig is here.

Go on. Guess. [12]
A port of a GBA classic and an all-new exclusive. [2]
Leipzig reactions positive. [1]
Welcome to Hollywood. [0]
Second expansion due in November. [0]
Those crazy Rabbids. [2]
Based on the popular toy line. [3]
Sony's answer to MSN? [9]
An all new title built from the ground up. [5]
We're told it is a Wii game. [7]
Making the PlayStation 3 your media centre. [20]
Buzz makes his PlayStation 3 debut. [2]
As they announce a new shooter. [11]
Core owners won't be able to play the title. [7]
It's only just begun and we're already picking winners. [4]
An all new product in the Cranium universe. [0]
It's time to go to War again. [0]
PS2 version also coming. [16]
How is it looking? [11]
Online features explained. [0]
Looking mighty spiffy. [3]
Anniversary special. [2]
We breathe a sigh of relief. [21]
Get ready to button mash. [2]
Jackson 5, Coldplay, The Fray and more. [1]
Cause more crime. [15]
Creative Assembly's new title revealed. [0]
Coming to the Wii, DS and PC. [8]
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