Tristan Kalogeropoulos
17 Mar, 2007

PALGN's 5th Anniversary Roundtable

PALGN Feature | Speeches....
As many may have picked up by us casually dropping into conversation all those things we saw in the shops which we wouldn't mind having handed to us in a wrapped up box, PALGN is having a 5th birthday. So, in the spirit of self-servitude and our wish to be the centre of attention on our big day, we here at PALGN have donned our best party frocks and decided to take speech submissions from the members that grace the ever lively PALGN forums. It's been a long winding road to get to this point in the website's history, but we've only just begun. One of the core elements of the site from the very beginning has been its community. What would we be without you guys, huh? So we're throwing the roundtable floor open to you. So speak damn you, speak.

What are our community members' favourite PALGN memories? What is it about this little patch of the internet that gives them the desire to keep coming back? And are there any general comments or thoughts on the site and its community. Here's your chance to have your say.

It seems that a lot of people come to PALGN for the community. And whilst we may not have a red light district like Second Life, most everyone seems pleased to have a place where they can discuss their favourite topic, videogames, along with having a friendly dig at each other.

What is a forum other than a place one can go to rant and rave about current affairs. And in this case, those affairs just happen to pertain to video games, my passion. I couldn't think of a better place to vent my opinions about the state of the industry, not to mention butting heads with likewise passionate gamers about stuff you simply couldn't get away with bringing up in the everyday social scene. It's my own personal haven, and I couldn't image being a gamer without it.

It also a bonus that the forum community is one of the coolest groups of people on the interwebs and then there's admeister. Sorry ad, I couldn't help my myself

I *heart* this place

I definitely think my fondest memory of PALGN was the fantastic community that was made. Never before had a group of PAL centred people gathered together to create a diverse and entertaining community about games.

We could all talk about how Nintendo was screwing PAL regions over, how Sony was totally decimating any competition, ahh... The good old days. The one thing I think we all have to remember, is that a website is nothing without its members are supporters, and thay is exactly what made, and still does make, PALGN a fantastic community...

Some have seen the forums bloom and most have helped.

First thing I thought was "These forums suck, they're too quiet, and what the hell happened to subcategories?"

So about four months later, I came back and thought "Hey, this site again. HOLY CRAP, ACTIVITY!"

Several years later I'm still browsing the forums and posting a few times a day. Ironically now, I don't really venture into the Gaming Boards.

Favourite memory was when mangaman came in and wrecked havoc, with his 100th post celebrations and whatnot. As stupid as it was, it was bloody brilliant. Or Spanca's obsolete post. I have never laughed so hard on these forums.

We might be young, but we sure know how to rock... *ahem....

We might be young, but we sure know how to rock... *ahem....

And most of all, it appears that - although sometimes they might appear to be mortal enemies - most forum members really enjoy each other's company.

Jim Dash
In just over a year the amount of friends I've got here is great. I was always looking for a community like this and I was really happy to find it. I held on tight, and I won't ever let go. Unless it gets a bit slippery.

While it's the people that keep you coming back, the site provides an excellent service and has excellent staff, that are (generally) very understanding and helpful. I love how you guys try to incorporate the forumers into everything, giving us a 'heads up' on issues and whatnot, and just feeding and clothing us. WHERE'S MY PALGN POLO?!

I came to PALGN because of my Hyper influence. No, not the worm but the forum based off the magazine. See, people I knew there (and at VCGN for the record) posted here too and as such as I was interested in being a sheep and following them 'round. I was already coming to PALGN for the news/reviews anyway, so I chose to join up and become an active member. The reason I stayed was for the aforementioned users and their presence (although I have no idea when they keep claiming I'm some n00b that has a name that starts with 's' when I'm not ) and also because of the progress the site was making at the time. Nowadays, I'm here because of a few reasons. One being that the site has continued to progress in the right direction and it's awesome. Two being that a lot of the people I followed here, are still here. Three being that as my time here progressed, so did my interests in discussion, the people who make this community and yeah, PALGN became home.

Home would be the best way I'd describe this place actually. I have my own presence here, I have access to my friends, I have a source for gaming news and reviews and yeah, it just has anything and everything I need from an online gaming place.

So that's why I'm here, that is why I will continue to be here (unless of course you ban me - oh crap I just gave you an idea) and yeah, that's mah story.

Highlights include the Easter Egg hunt; winning a game from the site; annoying Imek and Cer whenever possible and being one of Pete's rivals; seeing the site/community progress over time and arguing with many of you over many different subjects. Some of which has taught me things, allowed me to have different perspectives on things and stuff like that.

So yeah, thanks to PALGN for being an awesome site, the members of the community for making it what it is and kudos to you (us?) for making it to the 5-year mark. Here's hoping we are all here in another 5 years.

Love 'em, hate 'em, or both, the each and every forum member, along with the casual visitors have helped make PALGN what it is today.

I like PALGN because unlike most other communities its easy to distinguish each poster, not just because of their unique forum name or avatar/signiture but because of their own unique personalities, PALGN features a very good range of personalities - it makes reading forum posts far more enjoyable.

As a forum member it's been great to see the community and the site grow over the years. I remember when it took like a week to get a reply and now you get like 10 within a hour. Its really grown well.

And as for favourite moments there's far too many to decide on one specific one!

This was the first forum I joined and although I took awhile to find my ground, I'm glad I did. One of the reasons is because it is quite small, meaning you get to know more of the members on board. Which means more understanding.

I've always surfed this site, and I'm glad to join in the year it really expanded.

Just a minute section of the PALGN community.

Just a minute section of the PALGN community.

There's been some great memories, not only coming from the many heated debates but also helped along by the events created by both staff and forumers.

the Easter Egg hunt was one of my earliest PALGN memories. i love that sort of thing on websites, or for promotional purposes (A Perfect Circle did a similar, but much larger thing in the lead-up to the release of The Thirteenth Step), and PALGN's was a royal pain to complete, although i never did, as i missed one egg.

The other was PAL Girl's Network; when i initially signed up, i didn't come back for a few months, but when i did, it must've been April 1 as i was greeted with PAL Girl's Network, and was thoroughly confused as to why i'd bookmarked it.

I remember when I first joined, there was a thread about Girls, aptly named Girls (or something along those lines). Thirteen year olds were giving lady advice like experts on the situation. Cro and Big Pete come to mind, but I can't even remember now.

Animal Crossing: Wild World needs a mention. Big props go out to me for carrying that community. There's something ridiculous like 10 billion views on that thread. It is quite a common link to find when Googling Animal Crossing information, since we said pretty much every word known in the AC back catalogue. I like their old stuff better than the new stuff.

Some of the forum members actually get time to read our stuff in between arguing whether Halo 1 or 2 was better.

Personally PALGN is a great source of news and reviews, so I can see why so many retailers and developers visit the website. For news I think it's probably the most up to date and insightful when it comes to news and reviews are well written and generally a good read.

I hope that PALGN goes on for another 5 years.

Favourite moment: Getting my arse pwnt by Groovy, Slapshakle and Frozency on Gears of War and I was hosting!

As more and more people flock to PALGN we want to thank those that keep on returning. for where would we be without our great community?

.....How could I not keep coming back? Groovy is right, they is a nice mix of personalities on here, and heaps of knowledge to be shared. Most people are great to talk with, and the PALGN site is a great effort.

PALGN = #1.

Five years old... boy. We've been through toilet training and definitely know how to answer back now, but hey - we've still got a lot of growing left. Hopefully, we'll be here in another five, but until then, thanks to all of you for sticking around, dropping in and spreading the word that PALGN is one of the greatest places on the internet for PAL video gaming content and community.

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7 years ago
There's a lot of love in that article.
7 years ago
Capoeira wrote
There's a lot of love in that article.
And mentions of neglect. icon_razz.gif
7 years ago
Well my speech was too crappy to put in
7 years ago
That was an awesome read. Even better becasue I got a mention icon_wink.gif .
7 years ago
Yay, I managed to get my ugly mug in the picture!
7 years ago
Happy birthday PALGN!!! You're all an awesome bunch of people. I hope the next five years are just as merry as the last. This is the first gaming forum/site I became a member of, and I don't see the need to register at any other as you provide me with everything (and more) than I could ever ask for. Thanks for taking me in, and thanks for showing the rest of the world how to run a site!!!

icon_biggrin.gif icon_biggrin.gif icon_biggrin.gif HAPPY BIRTHDAY PALGN!!!! icon_biggrin.gif icon_biggrin.gif icon_biggrin.gif
7 years ago
Heh I should of had more of a gas bag to get in there, oh well, very cool regardless.
7 years ago
Heh, I can't believe you quoted my entire post. I thought it was one of my bad ones actually as I posted it when I was beyond tired and as such, talking complete crap.

Yes I know, I talk complete crap all the time. No need to remind me.

But yeah, still rather surprising that you quoted the whole lot. I suppose though it proves that we all come from different places and that alone makes the community diverse, let alone our individual tastes, the way we treat each other and so on. So yeah, rock on PALGN for being such an awesome place and again, happy 5th anniversary. icon_biggrin.gif
7 years ago
It's so touching icon_cry.gif What a great site. (that updates most days)
7 years ago
Nis that was a good post. You make your best posts at 4 a.m. icon_wink.gif

Glad you quoted me too, guys. Celebrating in style! icon_smile.gif
7 years ago
lol at my quote. So lame. So very lame.
7 years ago
How scary, I'm in the second picture icon_eek.gif
7 years ago
Mitchacho wrote
lol at my quote. So lame. So very lame.
Yeah, you did manage to dance around the subject. icon_razz.gif
7 years ago
I'm glad that my post got in there, thanks guys. icon_smile.gif PALGN rocks, keep up the good work.
7 years ago

Great speeches everyone, and i second what Capoeira said, there is a lot of love in that article

Everyone, I apologise for my slight disappearing act as of late, damn life is slowly taking away my PALGN icon_cry.gif

But i plan to get on here as often as i can (that doesn't interfere with studies, and other important things like food/sleep icon_razz.gif)

Great community we got here
*sheds a tear*

Bring on more great memories!
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