Chris Leigh
11 Jun, 2006

Take-Two apologises for Hot Coffee

PALGN News | Hefty fines will follow future misdemeanours, says FTC.
After losing nearly $25 million (after the game had to be withdrawn from shop shelves) and getting a long, stern glare from the Federal Trade Commission, Take-Two has admitted it was in the wrong when it came to the 'Hot Coffee' mod that was included in its game, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. For those not in the know yet, essentially the mod allowed players access to a minigame that featured some rather graphic sexual content. We haven't seen it, honest.

The FTC certainly has, however, and director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection Lydia Parnes wasn't overly amused. "Parents have the right to rely on the accuracy of the entertainment rating system - we allege that Take-Two and Rockstar’s actions undermined the industry’s own rating system and deceived consumers. This is a matter of serious concern to the Commission, and if they violate this order, they can be heavily fined," said Parnes, who sounds like she'd be a right laugh at parties.

Take-Two CEO Paul Eibeler responded by saying, "We're pleased that the FTC has concluded its very thorough investigation, and that the matter has been resolved. "We recognise the importance of the FTC investigation, and the necessity of maintaining public confidence in the ESRB rating system, and helping the ESRB educate parents and consumers about the rating system. We look forward to putting this behind us."

All friends again then? For now, yes. But should Take-Two or Rockstar step out of line again, they'll be whacked with an $11,000 fine for each of their sins. Somehow we think the days of including naughty porno minigames may be over at Rockstar.

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7 years ago
An eleven thousand dollar fine seems quite small considering the company lost $25 million when the game was withdrawn.
7 years ago
They lost 25mil, but how much did they make back when the game was back on store shelves with all the free publicity hot coffee gave?
7 years ago
^Heh, true. I gotta get myself a new copy anyway, scratched the disc so that the radio skips. icon_mad.gif
7 years ago
Mmm, any publicity is good publicity.

But an $11,000 fine, if there's gonna be a fine is somewhat minute in comparison.
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