James Peter
05 May, 2003

My Sister has been Kidnapped!

PALGN News | Yes this may be my last news item for very long while. Read more regarding this shocking development for PALGN inside.
Last night (12:05am) I had just gone to bed. I has been trying to get to sleep (by not getting too hyped thinking about Matrix Reloaded) when I heard a loud thud coming from the other end of the house. I rushed outside to see the black shadow of a bird carrying my sister off into the distance! As far as I knew my sister had been sleeping in her bed, so how the bird managed to get to her is beyond me.

Fortunately there was a group of Pirates standing outside my house. I was as surprised as you are considering I live quite a long way from the ocean icon_confused.gif Apparently the bird had kidnapped on of the pirate girls or something like that for some reason. It’s all very confusing.

Anyway, the pirates have agreed to help and will take me to find my sister. I will take a laptop with me, but it might be hard to find phone lines to plug the modem into, in the middle of the ocean.

Thus, due to only being able to access the internet very intermittently, I will not have enough time to dedicate to PALGN. I have consequently decided to cease my current role on PALGN. I am handing over the manager position to Halvard (Haarball). Say hello to Samuel (sj26) who I have asked to take over the php development on PALGN. He has had extensive experience with modifying phpBB and is a far better developer than I am, so your in safe hands icon_wink.gif Sonic will continue to work on the design and Matt (stonedwal) may join the admin team to work on PR. Haarball will sort out this.

I will continue to finance the site and will remain as the owner, but just about everything else I used to do on PALGN is being taken over by others.

I know this is all very sudden, but who knows what evil things could be happening to my sister as we speak!

Farewell now, as I depart on my adventure. Fortunately, years of gaming will sever as good preparation. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt… it’s to save often. Hmmm… oh well I’m sure I’ll manage.

I’ll still be around, just not very much. Be kind to the new admin team icon_wink.gif and thank you everyone for all the great experiences we’re had on PALGN over the last year. I will look forward to see how PALGN grows in the future.

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1 decade ago
!!!!!!OMFG SPOILERS!!!!!! icon_eek.gif
1 decade ago
Don't forget your green tights, you'll need them to fight whatever evil is out there... icon_wink.gif

Best wishes Zem, James, whatever.
1 decade ago
And PALGN's creator steps to the side.

All the best zem - hopefully you can step back into the front seat soon enough.
1 decade ago
My evil plans for world domination will finally begin!!! icon_evilaugh.gif icon_evilaugh.gif icon_evilaugh.gif

1 decade ago
Yup, bye all. Thanks for all the great times. I've got a lot of stuff I need to sort out right now and I found the only way I can do this is to give up something. As fun as PALGN has been, it's the thing which takes up the most time so this has to be done.

See you around.

1 decade ago
icon_eek.gif Well that came out of the blue. icon_confused.gif Sorry to see you step aside zem. icon_sad.gif

Brilliant way to break the news though. icon_wink.gif icon_y1.gif
1 decade ago
Wow, that was unexpected. Good luck though. icon_smile.gif

and I thought you were serious about your sister being kidnapped...
1 decade ago
Oh... Damn... Halvard?! Oh great... No, I'm not joking. Really.

Good luck zem!
1 decade ago
Ouch. What a kick in the teeth.

Well I hope to see you back soon before Halvard does someting. I'm not saying he will but... icon_razz.gif icon_wink.gif
1 decade ago
icon_sad.gif We'll all miss you!

I'm surprised MrCivic hasn't found some flash animation or somethng....
1 decade ago
Unexpected but entertaining way to break the news. You will surely be missed.
1 decade ago
All i've got to say to all this is, this is what happens when you spend the majority of your life playing video games... lol a bird taking your sister, yeah right! as if that'll ever happen icon_wink.gif
1 decade ago
Well, bye zemaj, I sure will miss you. Lets hope the admins don't go nuts with all the power. icon_sad.gif
1 decade ago
Well, I didn't get to know you very well, but see ya dude and good luck with whatever you choose to do in the future.
1 decade ago
Tease. Just because I'm poor.
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