Cian Hassett
21 Jul, 2011

South Australia set to enforce R18+

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Regardless of how Australia moves on the subject of an R18+ classification for video games, people in South Australia will be seeing the big black logo in their local stores. As reported by VG24/7, Attorney-General John Rau has confirmed that he plans to simply replace the MA15+ logo with a new label.

He said; "Right now what I am envisaging is a system where South Australia still receives games that have been rated MA15+, but we simply put an R18+ sticker on top of the MA15+ sticker before the games are sold... That way parents can have a clear idea of which content is for adults."

Makes sense, right? But he makes it sound too easy, and his final statement is a tad more worrying; "I'm working on the basis that while the Federal Government sets the rules, it's up to each individual state to police them... I cannot imagine it will be a problem for South Australia to fold the MA15+ rating into the R18+ rating, once Australia has one.'

Those four words at the end, read them again. After saying to the public that South Australia would enforce the mandatory application of an R18+ system even if it meant doing so without the support of fellow States, his conclusion suggests a level of uncertainty.

To sticker, or not to sticker? That's the latest entry into the ongoing battle to change the Australian classification system. Feel free to discuss the situation in the comments below.

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2 years ago
idiot.. this causes more problems than it fixes;

I work in video game retail, this isnt going to do gamers any favours at all.
2 years ago
So, spiderman on the PS2 is rated R18+ ?!?!

2 years ago
Uh... automatically changing every MA15+ game into a R18+ game? Are they gonna do it for movies too? What the f*** is this?
2 years ago
I don't think people understand what is being proposed. This isn't a creation of a new R18+ rating that would allow games like Mortal Kombat to be sold, this is creating an R18+ rating that would ensure "hard" MA15+ games are given an R18+ rating. Games that are currently refused classification would remain as such, and any games that would currently fall under this category (of refused classification) would continue to do so going forward. The South Australian addition to this is abolishing the MA15+ rating for video games all together, shoehorning everything that was classified as MA15+ as R18+.

This is not the outcome gamers are looking for. The current proposal is not a good thing. It should not be supported.
2 years ago
If the option for South Australia is either to just ban everything which is rated higher than M, or give those games an R and allow stores to sell them, I know which decision I'd support.
2 years ago
It's not a case of one or the other, though.
2 years ago
Well they are definitely banning MA15+ titles... so the only way you will be able to get these titles in SA is if they make them R18+.
2 years ago
You've got to be kidding me.

That's EXACTLY what we're not wanting. We want a distinction BETWEEN MA15+ and R18+, where the "hard" MA15+ AND the RC that would be classified as R18+ would be properly classified.

This wouldn't fix the RC problem at all, will confuse people outside and inside the state, and will damage retail and online outlets. Steam would have to check the age of the account holder or something, no advertising is permitted for R18+ material, I'm pretty sure they'll bring in the whole MUST BE WHITE BOX AND IN A DIFFERENT SECTION thing to games as well.

...OK, so I'm overreacting. But this isn't what we were fighting for.
2 years ago
South Australia is a different case. Why is everyone bringing the rest of Australia into it?

Yeah, we're not fighting for this, but if they are gonna ban MA15+ games in SA, then we definitely want an R rating for all the gamers there. And then for the rest of Australia.
2 years ago
Four letters...


Copy it, problem solved.
2 years ago
Cian wrote
Four letters...


Implement it, problem solved.
2 years ago
Cian wrote
Four letters...


Copy it, problem solved.
I vote 1 CIAN
2 years ago
seriously, distributors show some balls and remove all films and games from SA and let's see how long this lasts before everyone loses their fucking minds....
2 years ago
this is just confusingly stupid.
2 years ago
no No NO NO NO

I thought John Rau had his head on straight originally.
This statement is false.

Can't he see that what works for videos, will also work for games?

G PG M MA15+ R18+

It's not that hard...
2 years ago
Its about votes and perception. If you ever wonder about anything in politics its votes and perception.

The perception to an everyday person is we have given gamers and mums/dads what they wanted an R18+ rating.

The real kicker is when this system fails for the first time but I'm sure they have a spin doctor for that too.
2 years ago
It's irrelevant to me however, as I no longer purchase games in Australia. Too expensive.
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