Anthony Capone
10 Dec, 2010

GAME / PALGN / EveryonePlays Campaign heads to Canberra

PALGN Feature | Will Australia finally receive an adult classification system?
Today, the Standing Committee of Attorneys-General (SCAG) met in Canberra to discuss the possibility of introducing an R18+ PC and video game classification. Please find the outline of the official GAME / PALGN / EveryonePlays media release below:

Parents have said, “All we want for Christmas is help keeping adult gaming content from our children”. And it looks like they’ll get their wish!

Just weeks after Senator Kate Lundy tabled GAME’s history making petition calling for the creation of an R18+ PC and Video game classification, the country’s censorship ministers are about to establish an R18+ rating.

GAME’s and PALGN’s 89,210 petitions (signed in GAME stores across the country over an eight week period this year) have been presented to Minister for Home Affairs Brendan O’ Connor and every State Attorney-General ahead of today’s Standing Committee of Attorneys-General (SCAG) meeting thatcould finally create an R18+ PC and Video game classification. http://www.game.com.au/18PlusRating

Architect of GAME’s petition and Director of PALGN, Roland Kulen said “Australia is the only country in the developed world without an R18+ gaming classification and this literally means that some games given an R18+ rating in other countries can be given an MA15+ rating here in Australia. Australians have spoken out in support of an R18+ classification in vast numbers to the Government and the decision from the State Attorneys-General today should be very clear.”

“The absence of an R18+ computer games classification creates something of a grey area for parents. There is limited guidance for parents or young people, creating a risk where games are purchased that they are not suitable. It is my view that if such games were able to be classified R18+ in the first instance, then parents would have greater peace of mind that the games rated MA15+ their children are playing are in fact, age appropriate,” said Senator Lundy when tabling GAME’s petition.

GAME and PALGN hold the view that some games are played by everyone, but some are really only meant for those over 18.

Roland Kulen said, “Christmas is fast approaching and hundreds of thousands of PC and Video games will be given as presents this year. But because there are no guidelines for parents, grandparents or even Santa, there will be some mistakes made, and some younger teenagers will be given games that really are only suitable for adults. We have movie classifications that provide clear guidelines for parents, so surely the time has come for clearer gaming classifications.”

GAME’s Lukic added, “With the SCAG meeting today likely to create the much needed R18+ classification, this should be the last Christmas Santa will have to come to us at GAME for advice on what MA15+ rated games are not suitable for under 18s. We will of course continue to advise Santa on the best games and consoles for kids, families and adults!”

A copy of the release may also be found in the media panel below.

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and it gets pushed back again, and bugger the Australian Christian Lobby,
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