Jarrod Mawson
16 Jul, 2010

Mass Effect: Evolution comic series coming

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BioWare sure is giving the Mass Effect universe a lot of love. With the comic series of Mass Effect: Redemption detailing the misadventures of Liara T'soni, new book Mass Effect: Retribution due later this month, and a nice selection of Mass Effect 2 DLC with the promise of even more to come, you'd think BioWare would call it quits.

Not so! IGN has reported that BioWare will be continuing the relationship it formed with Dark Horse Comics during the creation of Redemption, announcing a brand new four part comic series titled Mass Effect: Evolution.

Unlike much of the Mass Effect related material we've been getting lately, Evolution will see the story steer all the way back to The First Contact war, a war between humanity and Turians formed shortly after humanity activated the Charon Relay. Of prominent subject matter will be The Illusive Man, the mysterious leader of the Cerberus operation which played a major part in the events of Mass Effect 2. The story will explore the origins of The Illusive Man, who he is, what drives him to do what he does, and how Cerberus came to be.

Mass Effect: Evolution is set for publication in January 2011.

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