Jeremy Jastrzab
22 Mar, 2010

EveryonePlays: Just when you thought it was over...

PALGN Feature | Atkinson's resignation is only the beginning.
EveryonePlays - Protect Children from Mature Games.

On 21 March, following a very, very tight election victory, South Australian Attorney General Michael Atkinson, stepped down from his position. While his antagonistic stance on an adult rating for video games was only one of the many controversial issues that plagued him, gamers nonetheless rejoiced at this move. However, the battle is far from over...

The next meeting for the Standing Commitee of the Attorney Generals (SCAG) is due on 29 April. Kotaku reports that it is currently unknown whether the R18 rating will be discussed at this meeting. And that is even though the public consultation for the R18+ rating on video games yielded more than 55,000 submissions, which is more than ANY public consultation before it. However, at PALGN, we realise that that there is still a long way to go.

As such, PALGN, EveryonePlays and GAME are still going to keep this debate alive. The debate over the R18+ classification has a long way to go before all State Attorney-Generals agree to amend the current legislation. From 28 February, all the way up until 15 April, you’ll have a chance to sign the following petition

“As of today, Australia does not have an R18+ classification for PC and video games.
This has resulted in many games receiving a lower classification than they otherwise would.
By signing this petition you believe that Australia should have an R18+ classification for PC and video games.”

As of 19 March, the petition had successfully gathered 35,363 signatures. All these people have taken the first steps towards protecting children from mature games. But we still need more.

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How YOU can help spread the word

There is just over three weeks to go and we're still going strong! Even if you've already signed a petition, you can still do your bit to protect children from mature games by spreading word of what we're doing by joining our Facebook and Twitter pages. Also, don't forget to tell all your friends and together we will be able to protect the children from mature games. Every single signature counts.

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4 years ago
so everyoneplays is going to keep making it about the children?

thats stooping to their level.
4 years ago
Politics comes down to lowest common denominator unfortunately,

Children overboard... Think of the children!
Climate Change... Think of the children!
Alcohol fueled violence... Think of the children!
GFC... Think of the children!
Smoking in public... Think of the children!

If you want to gain public support in a political environment you need to bring it down to their level or you wont get media coverage, public interest or support.
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