20 Mar, 2010

What's on at the Mana Bar

PALGN News | Launch imminent.
Everyone knows that alcohol and games go well together, but we’ve never really seen the two paired publicly… until now. As you may have heard, a few lads in Brisbane – including Guy ‘Yug’ Blomberg of Australian Gamer, acerbic games critic Ben ‘Yahtzee’ Croshaw, Pras Moorthy, Senior Designer at Sega Creative Assembly, and expert in all things alcoholic, Shay Leighton - have gotten together to open Australia's first ever video games bar.

Though the official opening to the public commences today from 12pm, we important types at PALGN attended an exclusive pre-launch opening last night. With the as yet unreleased Just Cause 2 available for play, a real life Little Sister and a cocktail called the Ocarina of Lime (though the Princess Peach was also tempting), we felt very much at home. An entire cabinet packed full of gaming memorabilia allows you to sip your chosen beverage while staring wistfully at gaming treasures from years past. Or you could of course just jump onto any one of the five consoles that will rotate a variety of exclusive unreleased titles and popular multiplayer games. Gaming and drinking have truly had a baby and called it the Mana Bar.

Today’s grand opening runs from 12 midday to midnight, where you’ll be able to play the likes of Just Cause 2, Street Fighter IV, Guitar Hero and Wii Sports, as well as the rather addictive unreleased XBLA title Raskulls, made by local developer Halfbrick. You’ll also have the opportunity to challenge Yahtzee himself or video game personality Junglist, and win some prizes from 2K. So, if you’re in the Brisbane area, go and check it out today at 420 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley, adjacent to the Judith Wright Centre. Remember, entry is free and the games are free to play.

If you can’t make it to today’s launch, the Mana Bar will be open seven days a week, with plenty of unique events taking place. Fear not, for PALGN will keep you updated on what’s happening each week.

Sunday 21 March – Sunday Sessions

A nice relaxing way to spend your Sunday. Open midday to midnight.

Monday 22 March – Guitar Hero Competition

Show off your Guitar Hero skills and you might pick up some neat prizes from Activision. Running 5pm to 12am.

Tuesday 23 March – Video Game Trivia

Presented by none other than Yahtzee himself, this is a fine opportunity to enjoy a soothing refreshment and test out your video game knowledge at the same time. Kicking off at 7pm, all you need to do is turn up on the night and form a team.

Wednesday 24 March – Blazblue Launch Night

Get a sneak preview of ARC System Work’s acclaimed 2D fighter Blazblue before its official release on 25 March. If you’re lucky, you might even win a copy of the collector’s edition of the game on Playstation 3 or Xbox 360. Open 5pm to midnight.

Thursday 25 March – Pocket Music

A good bar needs good music, and a good video game bar needs good video game music. So, once a month, the Mana Bar will be hosting live chiptunes artists for your aural pleasure. Starting things off is Brisbane local Andyexpandy from 9pm, followed by Dot.Ay from 9:30pm, finishing up Melbourne’s Talkshow Boy from 11pm to 11:30pm.

Friday 26 March – Friday At Mana Bar

Friday afternoon starts for many with a drink, but now you’ll be able to have a drink in one hand and a game controller in the other.

Stay tuned to PALGN and Mana Bar for more upcoming events. You can check out all the posters for events in our media panel below.

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4 years ago
Makes me want to move to Brisbane.

We'll be likely having a PALGN night there in a couple of months. Thinking about heading up there for it. Any PALGNers interested in attending?
4 years ago
pretty cool, but it all looks pretty intimidating tbh. In my mind Game Trivia with Yahtzee is only gonna attract competitive, snotty, not quite as funny types of gamers.

but I am kinda judgemental like that. :/

Still looks and sounds about a billion percent cooler than most bars. Hell, a night of chiptunes sounds better than most nights out - anywhere.
4 years ago
PALGN night at the mana bar would be great, would be even better if it was held during a uni-friendly time so I could actually go!
4 years ago
Will be a great place to meet women.... icon_neutral.gif
4 years ago
Charlie_Miso wrote
Will be a great place to meet women.... icon_neutral.gif
(Just quoting because I felt that needed to be said twice)
4 years ago
Anyone go to the opening day?

I had family commitments icon_sad.gif
4 years ago
James wrote
Makes me want to move to Brisbane.

We'll be likely having a PALGN night there in a couple of months. Thinking about heading up there for it. Any PALGNers interested in attending?
I'd be keen.
4 years ago
4 years ago
It's not that it's ungamerish, it's just that it doesn't serve niches. Perth is a country City.
4 years ago
Just want to say I had an amazing night at Mana Bar tonight. I encourage all to go who live in Brissy. Unbelievable fun.
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