Jahanzeb Khan
30 Sep, 2009

Backstage at ANIF 2009: Go Shiina/Yasunori Mitsuda

PALGN Interview | We chat with two of Japan's best video game composers.
Just an hour and a half before the concert, the PALGN staff were lucky enough to run into Yasunori Mitsuda (Chrono Cross) and Go Shiina(Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection and IdolM@aster) backstage. Two of the most acclaimed composers of the video game industry. Even with time being an issue, they were still kind enough to answer a few questions for us.

PALGN: First of all welcome back to Sydney! How does it feel?

Go Shiina: I will be back!(laughs)

Yasunori Mitsuda: (laughs)

PALGN: The last time we saw A Night in Fantasia was back in 2007. How do you feel about the grand return of this concert series?

Go Shiina: There is a lot more variety in the content of this concert as there are a lot more genres being covered in games, anime and film. The concert tonight will reach a much wider target audience.

Yasunori Mitsuda: This is my second time being involved with Night in Fantasia. I think this upcoming concert is a much grander and greater version of what we saw in 2007. I really want this concert to succeed.

PALGN: Go Shina. We will be hearing music from IdolM@aster in the upcoming concert. The game has been a tremendous success in Japan, do you think tonight’s performance will create more awareness of the game and improve its chances of getting released outside of Japan?

Go Shiina: It’s a secret (laughs). I think it depends on the demand we receive, if many gamers enquire and request about this game to the developers then I think it may be possible for it to get a release.

Yasunori Mitsuda(left) and Go Shiina(right).

Yasunori Mitsuda(left) and Go Shiina(right).
PALGN: What was it like to work with Hiroaki Yura, Philip Chu and the Eminence team again?

Go Shiina: I am surrounded by the kindness of Philip Chu and the push I am given by Mr. Yura. Hiro is a real go getter while Philip is not as assertive, but together they make a great team.

Yasunori Mitsuda: (nods in approval)

PALGN: How do you feel about the work Eminence has done in promoting video game and anime music over the years?

Yasunori Mitsuda: It is a great feeling. In Japan there are separate concerts based on games and anime, but to be able to see these two popular cultures combined in one concert is a great feeling and I am very happy.

Go Shiina: It was beautifully summarized by Mitsuda (laughs) but if I have to say something, its that this (Eminence) is a very rare and precious thing.

PALGN:Yasunori Mitsuda. We recently saw the release of Chrono Trigger on the Nintendo DS and it was a success. As the composer of the Chrono Cross soundtrack, how do you feel about the idea of seeing new projects in the Chrono series?

Yasunori Mitsuda: I don’t think there are any plans at this stage for any new games in the series. Chrono Cross was the perfect ending and so to create a new game for the series will be quite a challenge.

PALGN: Go Shiina. With the home version of Tekken 6 coming out soon, what are your thoughts on the game so far?

Go Shiina: The arcade version features only one on one play mode but the home version will feature new modes which I am looking forward to. My general feeling about the game is that men should be as strong as the Tekken characters (laughs).

PALGN: Tonight we will be seeing many guest composers from America, have you had the chance to speak to any of them yet?

Yasunori Mitsuda: I arrived in Sydney just this morning so I haven’t had the chance yet.

Go Shiina: Yes I have spoken to all the guests but only…Hi!...Nice to meet you!...and…that’s it (laughs).

PALGN: What performance are you most looking forward to tonight? Other than your own?

Yasunori Mitsuda: I am very interested in AFRIKA, which was composed by Wataru Hokoyama. I am very much looking forward to it.

Go Shiina: I am looking forward to the arrangement from the animation Laputa.

PALGN: Since we are a video game site, we have to ask, what video games have you been playing recently?

Yasunori Mitsuda: I have been playing Uncharted. I am very much looking forward to the sequel.

Go Shiina: I have been playing Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Dragon Quest IX.

Yasunori Mitsuda: Is Dragon Quest famous outside Japan?

PALGN: Yes the series is quite popular worldwide, it has a strong following. Dragon Quest VIII was very well received outside of Japan.

Go Shiina and Yasunori Mitsuda: We are surprised to hear that because we thought it was only the Final Fantasy series that was popular… wait I think we are now interviewing you(laughter).

PALGN: Thank you very much for participating in this interview. It was great interviewing both of you together! We will see you at the concert!

Go Shiina and Yasunori Mitsuda: Thank you!

*All photographs are courtesy of Evan Stubbs, TindrumFire Photography

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4 years ago
That was a very nice little interview. So Mitsuda thinks Chrono Cross was the perfect ending to the Chrono Series... guess he's not really interested in another one.

If they held an event like this in Melbourne, I'd go hands down.
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