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01 Sep, 2009

ProMode #11

PALGN Feature | Life is easy. Gaming is harder.
Welcome back to another episode of ProMode. Last week, we figured that instead of focusing on just one game every week, we might as well make it more varied, so there’s something for everyone instead of catering towards one gaming demographic (we almost sound like Nintendo at the moment). This week, we’ve done the same, but have gone and grabbed a few games we don’t think we’ve ever shown on ProMode. One of them is largely combo related, another is a frag video but of a different kind, and two more are speed runs. How’s that for variety? Now, on with the show!

ProFocus: The Random Gamble

To go off on a small tangent here, what exactly makes some people naturally good at video games and activities involving some form of reflex? We’ve looked at some research done by universities and institutes and some have gone to make the claim that left handed people are apparently more efficient due to faster problem solving skills or something along those lines, something to do with how their brain works. It’s certainly something of interest as some people are just good at games, regardless of how much practice they’ve had. They may just be able to adapt incredibly quick as opposed to their friends, but why? What exactly makes them different enough to have that extra ability to adapt so quickly? An interesting debate which likely has several theories associated with it.

Now that our tangent is over, we should get around to watching those crazy skilled people play.


This episodes line up features 3 games with 4 videos. The first video is a combo video from Devil May Cry 3, the second and third are speed kills in Shadow of the Colossus, and the final one is a frag video featuring some professional players in Halo 3. Let’s get started.

Devil May Cry 3: True Master

Most people who have played Devil May Cry 3 can agree, that the combat system is incredibly deep. Featuring several different combat styles to play with and with a punishing learning curve, it’s a challenging game that rewards the truly hardcore gamers. The guy playing in this video, Kail, certainly shows how hardcore he is with DMC3, both with Vergil and Dante as playable characters. Watch the insanity ensue:

If you’re any kind of hardcore DMC3 player, you’d know many of the things he just did in that video are technically impossible... unless of course you’ve learned the trick to cancels and chains. It’s an impressive display of crazy combo creativity and efficiency, and a testament to how deep the game can actually be. Makes other certain hack-n-slash titles involving Spartans and Bald Men look kinda shallow... anyway.

Shadow of the Colossus, boss 5 and 16

Though games such as Shadow of the Colossus don’t really hold much when it comes to showing off supreme amounts of skill, these videos beg to differ. The first is facing off against the fifth Colossus in the game, and has the guy taking it down very, very quickly, and with some awesome timed leaps to boot. The second video is of the final colossus, and is done in under two minutes, with the guy literally dodging... well, see for yourself:

Just goes to show that it doesn’t matter how basic or uncompetitive a game gets, there can still be a lot of skill and style applied. Shadow of the Colossus is very famous for its breathtaking design and emotional flair, however there is that small community that enjoy spicing up the gameplay aspect by going nuts with the speed runs. Now onto our final video...

Halo 3: Dualtality

Clocking in at about 10 minutes, Dualtality is a compilation of impressive frags and killing spree’s in the mega popular game Halo 3. Some of the best players in the world are showcased throughout the video, with a lot of slick editing to boot:

We figured that after showcasing so many videos involving PC only FPS titles, we might as well bite the bullet and lower our elitism a bit, and find enjoyment in a console shooter’s frags. Yes we admit, we’re just a bit elitist!

And that does it for this episode’s skill showcase. Hopefully you enjoyed them, as we always enjoy finding them (and subsequently destroying our bandwidth too). Before we go, we always leave you with tips, though this time it’s a little different..


We admit, we’re a little out of ideas on what kind of tips to give out. So instead of giving out tips and whatnot, we’ll post some links that may help you get started on improving in certain games.

For people interested in trying to match up to the insanity of the Devil May Cry 3 video, this combat mechanics FAQ is the first thing to go through. It details everything (and we mean everything) you need to know about the combat system, including the in-depth stuff such as cancels and small glitches.

For the other games, you can’t really detail in a FAQ on how to get ‘good’ at them. As with most things, it’s trial and error and time spent with it. With enough determination and focus, you’ll eventually hit a level where you’re formidable and respectably skilled, so it’s more a matter of practicing until you’ve hit the desired level of skill.

And that does it for ProMode 11. We hope you’ve enjoyed the show as much as we enjoyed writing it, and hope to see your comments in the comment section. Until next time, ProMode out.

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4 years ago
that halo video was probably the best montage i have ever seen.
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