14 Jul, 2009

Australian sales charts, week ending 06/07/09

PALGN News | Can Fight Night challenge Wii Fit?
No. Australian chart overlord Wii Fit is once again the top of the pops this week. Shocking. It's bratty little brother, Wii Play, managed to jump up a slot to close the week in second place. The ever-popular Mario Kart Wii also moved up, positioning itself in third to make it a trifecta for the Wii. Pulling no punches is the PS3 edition of Fight Night Round 4, fittingly making its chart debut in fourth place. Well deserved, we think. At five lurks the sales beast known as Pokemon Platinum.

Making a re-entry is Mario Kart DS - a game first released towards the end of 2005. Meanwhile, the much-less-old The Sims 3 took a massive hit this week, tumbling six slots to end the week in seventh place. If The Sims can't challenge the sales of the top-selling Wii games on a long-term basis, what on earth can? Certainly not Fight Night Round 4 on the Xbox 360, which appears for the second time this week in eighth position. Sneaking back into the charts is the Wii edition of Virtua Tennis 2009 at nine, followed by Rhythm Heaven on the DS at ten.

The charts are updated weekly and are provided by those wonderful people at GfK.

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4 years ago
It is like Nintendo can do no wrong in this country. Brendan, are the actual sales numbers published?
4 years ago
I feel dirty. I contributed to that wii fit domination by buying one...(but not for me, I already have washboard abs)
4 years ago
How many of the %$@#n things can Nintendo sell?!!!
Oh well, each to their own I guess.
I'll stick to punching Mundine in the face!
4 years ago
This weekend I saw 6 people walking around shopping centers holding both a Wii and Wii Fit (I went shopping both days... long story) but noone holding a PS3 or 360 so I was sorta expecting those sales figures icon_razz.gif Some things never change I guess...
4 years ago
Wow, not even the Sims stand a chance. That wii is one big god damn bread maker.
4 years ago
They still have to be happy with Transformers sales across the platforms charts - seems movie tie in still equal sales.
4 years ago
The Wii just dropped to $325 while Wii Fit dropped to $99, that would explain the spike.
4 years ago
PS3 version again outsells 360 on release...bit of a pattern happening here
4 years ago
^Errr... And the point is??? I don't see any other pattern than...

OMG, Wii beats the PS3 and the 360 yet again!!!
4 years ago
barrett wrote
PS3 version again outsells 360 on release...bit of a pattern happening here
That's because the 360 already has enough good games =]
4 years ago
battlegrub wrote
The Wii just dropped to $325 while Wii Fit dropped to $99, that would explain the spike.
Don't sales need to drop off at some point for them to 'spike'?
4 years ago
PALGN wrote
No. Australian chart overlord
lol i love palgn
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