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21 Apr, 2009

This Week's Releases - 20/4/09

PALGN Feature | Armed kings on the racetrack.
This week, the second Dynasty Warriors: Gundam title is released on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Players can jump into their Mobile Suits to battle armies of enemy units on alien planets and in the outer edges of space. Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2 makes its way onto store shelves this Thursday.

Coming on Friday is role-playing game Little King's Story on Nintendo Wii. After venturing across a crown that grants its wearer mystical power, Corobo is made king of his sleepy little village. With the new-found ability to charm any person, players begin their quest to turn the township into a gallant kingdom. Finally, MotoGP '08 arrives this week fully updated for the Wii.

Thursday 23rd April

Xbox 360:

Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2


MotoGP '08

PlayStation 3:

Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2

Friday 24th April


Little King's Story

Coming next week: The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena (360, PS3, PC), SingStar Pop Edition (PS3), X-Men Origins: Wolverine (360, PS3, PS2, PSP, DS, Wii, PC, and claws... lots of claws).

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5 years ago
Moto Gee-Wiiiiiiiiiiii!!! (Will I be the only one getting this game? ..*crickets*.. I guess so icon_wink.gif)
5 years ago
Nothing good as a PS3 owner for quite some time. I may entertain the thought of Riddick, but only under the safety net of an EB 7 day purchase.
5 years ago
I picked up my pre-order of Little King's Story today. There is no official street date so stores are selling from today if they have received their stock.
5 years ago
Riddick will be so worth it. Absolutly loved butcher bay and would play it again!
5 years ago
Not much for this week or the next. I'm definitely waiting for next month and the following though. I'll give Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2... maybe if I had some spare money later in the week.
5 years ago
Little king's story... hopefully this means the Wii will finally have a decent RPG. RPG's were such a strength of the gamecube, it's dissapointing to see the wii be so poor in this area so far.
5 years ago
DW: Gundam 2, sweeeet. Though I wish they'd base it off Bladestorm instead, far superior game...
5 years ago
Seems like the thin time of the year. Nevermind, I still have heaps I haven't played yet. Actually, I'm currently into Civ Rev on 360, damn addictive!
5 years ago
Ah, I was wondering why I hadn't seen Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2 in stores. Its release date must have fallen back at the last minute.

I have to pick up the first game one day when I see it cheap. I really enjoyed DW6, and am enjoying Bladestorm atm. Pity Warriors Orochi 2 had such horrible lag. It runs on a PS2 engine for christ's sake, yet it suffered lag to that degree? I don't even think DW6 was that bad when there was 50-odd enemies in a base!
5 years ago
Little King's Story is mine.
5 years ago
I've just read that DW:Gundam 2 does NOT include Japanese audio (which the original game had), or the original music. That's utterly appalling in this day and age. I was going to buy it today, but I'll be passing on it now.
4 years ago
@jaws, Ill be waiting for the WM+ Motorcycle versions later this year, no doubt
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