Anthony Capone
25 Oct, 2008

Updated Australian Release List - 24/10/08

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The PALGN release list is compiled used data supplied by DVDfeed - the same source used by several videogame retailers. This release list is updated in real time. If you see a date you think is wrong, please let us know in the comments for this article.

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5 years ago
Fallout 3
Gears of War 2
Guitar Hero: World Tour (Super Bundle)
and now im broke :0
5 years ago
Waitt. What about rock band?
5 years ago
Pes 2009
Resistance 2 are must buys but I'm broke. Will probably only afford PES and R2 icon_sad.gif

Also really want
Motorstorm PR

AAAAAGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!! I hate being a student
5 years ago
Mirror's Edge is coming on the 14th? I think I'll wait till the reviews come in. I read somewhere it's only 5 hours or so, and there's no way I'll pay full price for that.
5 years ago
VALKYRIA CHRONICLES!!!! i am about to explode.
5 years ago
nice sneaky add of rockband there icon_smile.gif
5 years ago
Pro Evo 09 is already out...
5 years ago
Anthony, where do you get this intel? I am desperate to know if the 30th is really when MotoGP '08 for Wii will be released. One of the game designers said the Wii incarnation was not being released alongside the other platforms (a few days ago) due to extra tinkering that was required on the game.

Although they are far from the be all - end all; EB Games has it listed as a deleted product.

I'll be eternally grateful if you can verify this title's status for me.

EDIT: Some other sites have this title listed as release in the US and Europe at November 3, 2008 and December 31, 2008 respectively.
5 years ago
Damn, seems as though Red Alert 3 is getting pushed back every week. 31st of October to the 6th of November now it's the 14th. At least that date is confirmed though...
5 years ago
mrcool37 wrote
Damn, seems as though Red Alert 3 is getting pushed back every week. 31st of October to the 6th of November now it's the 14th. At least that date is confirmed though...
I was reading about it the other day on it's website or something, and it was saying something about being released in 'Red October', and further down the page: 'due for release in October/November'.

5 years ago
Good to see Mega Man Star Force 2 finally getting released here, it's a nice expansion on the original, and pretty entertaining. It's a shame that it's the sort of game that often flies under the radar, especially after the Battle Network series.
5 years ago
Is the PC version of Red Alert 3 really coming out on the 31st? Can anyone confirm? Every other retailer has it as coming out on the 6th of November.
5 years ago
^Miggz, Red Alert 3 is now confirmed for the 6th of November.

Jaws, DVDfeed are showing that MotoGP '08 will be released for Wii this week. Updates come through for games all the time (sometimes just days before a confirmed release), so keep an eye out for any changes.
5 years ago
Does anyone have any idea when/if Flower,Sun and Rain is coming out on the DS here? It's out next week in the UK and I need more Suda magic!
5 years ago
Thanks Anthony! Appreciate the effort you guys put in to get this list compiled every week. =D
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