Michael Kontoudis
09 Oct, 2008

TGS 2008: No More Heroes sequel on the way

PALGN News | A Few More Heroes?
A teaser trailer for an apparent sequel to the cult Wii title No More Heroes has been revealed during this years Tokyo Game Show.

The short teaser shows the anti-hero of the original game, Travis Touchdown, facing off against a multi-armed female enemy before revealing the title No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle. The trailer also confirms that original developers Grasshopper Manufacture will be involved the production of the game, presumably with iconoclastic director Suda 51 at the helm, and that the title will again be published by Marvelous Interactive, at least in Japan.

No other information is available as yet, including details of what platform the game is destined to appear on. The subtitle Desperate Struggle has led to online speculation that the game may be headed to the Nintendo DS in addition to, or instead of, the Wii.

PALGN will have more information on No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle as it comes to hand.

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5 years ago
Alright! I loved No More Heroes. I never expected a sequel but Suda 51 is the freakin' man!
5 years ago
I'd be quite surprised if it went to any other platform than the Wii. It would also be a bad business move, in my opinion.

Suda's games, especially the likes of No More Heroes, are very niche. It's very unwise to ditch a niche audience in favour of a new one.
5 years ago
oh sweet

this is awesome cause I've just about to finish the 1st one
5 years ago
No More Heroes 2 and Madworld? The Wii is looking more attractive by the day.
5 years ago
Hell yes! Party in my pants!

Hopefully Australia gets an R18+ rating by the time this game comes out... which we probably wont. Who knows though. I want my blood thank you very much.
5 years ago
I'm getting a wii this weekend, I've been trying to put it off convincing myself of lack of games but at the moment shit is looking boss. NMH2, Madworld, ToS2, Crystal Chronicals.

Aww hell yeahs
5 years ago
Benza, for the love of all that is unholy, if you can import No More Heroes from the states. Get yourself an SD card. Get Homebrew running. Play it in its gore filled glory.
5 years ago
There was never any chance of me not doing that icon_razz.gif
5 years ago
Untill I can get a version of first NMH working on my pal Wii with blood I won't be buying either icon_sad.gif
5 years ago
if you system menu 3.2e or earlier, the freeloader works perfectly with a US copy of NMH. otherwise, twilight hack, HBC and gecko region free are your friends :)

it's worth noting, though, the extra blood particle effects actually give a pretty major framerate hit.

also - this is confirmed on gamespot as a wii exclusive. BAM.
5 years ago
So the censored version is better?

I thought the coins / black thing looked stupid, still exciting but stupid.
5 years ago
noooo, the US version is obviously better! just choppier in places.
5 years ago
Huzzah! No More Heroes was epic to the max, and a sequel will be a big event in my book.
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