Daniel Golding
06 Aug, 2008

The PALGN Podcast, Episode 38

PALGN Feature | Retrospective Roundup: Stranglehold, Uncharted and Eternal Sonata, a chat with the president of the GDDA, Tom Crago, and new segments.
This week on the PALGN Podcast, we're so full of content that we're finding it difficult to keep it all in. First up, we've got our anticipated interview with Tom Crago. The President of the GDAA and CEO of Tantalus talks to us on a wide variety of topics — from an R-rating for videogames, to industry tax breaks, and what the future entails for the GDAA.

It's also Retrospective Roundup, where we take a look at the impact of videogames six months or so down the track. This week, and Daniel, Jeremy and Tristan go heads on with the lethal tripartite of Stranglehold, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune and Eternal Sonata.

Finally, we're introducing PALGN Shortcuts in this week's podcast — short, reoccurring segments that we'll be running over the course of the series. Today, we'll take a look at Ultima VI with Know Your Roots, and narratology with Game Ed 101.

This week's outro remix is Super Mario Bros. 'AquaticInterlude', by Brad Smith and distributed by OverClocked ReMix (www.ocremix.org). For the full bitrate version, why not head over to OverClocked ReMix and download it?

'Opening Suite' from Halo: Original Soundtrack by Martin O'Donnell.

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5 years ago
While not generally the topic at hand, no thoughts of some sort of reform considering the notion that inherently politicians get it but Mr Atkinson doesn't, someone somewhere has to think "wait a minute, this is wrong, it has to change"? I mean everyone throws around the notions of common sense and the lack thereof in regards to classification, yet no one seems to want to label the situation with Mr Atkinson as lacking common sense and needing reform. I mean yeah we see calls for it to change randomly, or for Atkinson to stand down or fall in line, but what I found interesting is that Mr Crago understands that progress is being made besides one man, yet there was no notion whatsoever of any discontent with the processes and instead discontent with the individual. Would it not have been beneficial to tangent to a possible solution to the situation or his thoughts on the very processes in place and how they might need to change?

It might just have been my expectations though, but I figured it'd have been touched on instead of what we already inherently know int he film industry using outdated culture arguments to vindicate taxpayer subsidising, Mr Atkinson being a deusche or the Q&A session being filled with stereotypes, misrepresentation and being a farce, that I expected some possible structural outcomes that could be viable to rally behind.

On the narrative in games debate, I've actually been replaying some of the FF's and noticed that while they attempted to portray a story, arguably all the way up to 9 they inherently were just glorified hack and slash, yet I found that with FFX there was an inherent shift towards actual narrative from a perspective backed up by a rather large soundtrack to convey emotion, with the hack and slash still being core, but having less impact than previously. Where previously emphasis would have been characters to convey story, text to convey narrative and music to convey location and general mood instead of specifics. While at no means perfect, I think it was actually a better way to convey the narrative that seems to have unfortunately only lasted for that particular game in that series.
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