James Peter
08 Jul, 2008

PALGN Design 08 Launch

PALGN Feature | PALGN looks a bit different.
Yes, you can stop checking your address bar, this is PALGN. As you've noticed, we made some significant changes to many parts of the site.

Much of the inspiration for this new design comes your 1000+ comments in our 2008 Reader Survey. In particular we've moved towards top-down navigation and removed all flash elements from the interface.

Some other significant features of the new site are;
  • Comments included within articles.
  • Media galleries included within articles.
  • A list of currently popular articles and forum posts on the homepage.
  • An improved navigation system for drilling down through our articles via the system links in the header.
  • A list of soon-to-be published articles in our Upcoming Content section.
We've also used a fair bit of JavaScript and AJAX around the place to improve performance – particularly with the comments and media inside article.

Take a look around and tell us what you think in the comments section below. This is really the first stage in continued development, so we’d love to get your feedback to shape the site in the future. Bug reports are also welcome.

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5 years ago
Wow ... great job!
5 years ago
You really did a good job on the upgrading. Well done to everybody involved. icon_smile.gif
5 years ago
I like!
5 years ago
Great new look! I love white space with grey and another colour, my fav!

But...as a qualified web designer, could i recommend some things.
Switch the upcoming content with the adjacent ad for better grid alignment.
Move the square ad to underneath the forum posts for better heading alignment (by the way, who put the same two ads next to each other?)
Perhaps move the features heading to above where the reviews are, just so that they are included with the heading and not confused with the animated features panel.

Thats all, i wont charge you for the tips, they are free for you to do what you will with them. But anyway good job to your dev team!
5 years ago
I'm gonna be honest - I love the main site, not so crazy about the forums. I dunno if it's just my setup, but not only are some text links in Times New Roman, but the entire thing is centred and the left profile bars are squashed. The latter of the latter I'm assuming is a bug; I can provide screens if needed.

Other than that, yeah, I like. Gonna take some getting used to not clicking the PALGN logo for the forum index, but it's worth it for the cool userbar.
5 years ago
Gtpod wrote
I dunno if it's just my setup, but not only are some text links in Times New Roman, but the entire thing is centred and the left profile bars are squashed. The latter of the latter I'm assuming is a bug; I can provide screens if needed.
Yeah, I know about that. Only happens with Firefox for some reason. I'll have another shot at fixing it tomorrow.

The forums still need a fair bit of work to be optimised for the new design - I know icon_smile.gif

A few other things that I didn't mention in the article;
A big thanks are in order for John (sonicwired) who did the bulk of the design work.
The following pages are broken and will be fixed tomorrow;
- Profiles
- Auction
- Forum search
5 years ago
Now you will need a new reason to make me go missing James. icon_razz.gif
5 years ago
It looks awesome, much more streamlined in my opinion.
5 years ago
Very sexy looking icon_biggrin.gif
5 years ago
I was soo shocked when i logged in to not see the familiar PALGN i love and was wondering if it was JUST me, good to see thats not the case

It's different, yet a good different and I agree with the posts of GTpod & stick_theory

But is it just me who's experiencing quite a bit of slow-down? Maybe my computer just sucks & cause i'm using Firefox??
5 years ago
What the deuce? Now i don't know where anything is...

Looks nice though, good job, very "mac" >______>'
5 years ago
Well done, it feels more polished and easy to navigate.
5 years ago
I like the new design of the site, when I logged on this morning I was pleasantly surprised with the redesign. Good work to all involved.
5 years ago
Brilliant. I was extremely confused when the page opened up though.

EDIT: So there's no way to "+" people's posts or edit comments unless you travel into the forum?
5 years ago
I'm liking the look, but it seems a little confusing on the main page. I'd move the news columns over to the left, below the main graphic. That would make it easier to find, since that should be the first thing people will want to read.

I don't know. It looks good, I love the header, but there seems to be too much going on, too much text here and there, and unless you're a regular, you won't understand all the different sections.
5 years ago
I thought it was a mac site when i came this morning, good thing i had my coffee by then.
5 years ago
It came together quite well, James and Sonicwired put in a lot of work to make this happen, good work to both of you!
5 years ago
I like it. It is really.... white. The News section should have a slightly different tone, it all looks flat together And maybe the far right column should be up a bit, You don't see it when you enter the page...

I like the upcoming content. It reminds me when I was VIP...

edit: Ooh, and the forums are cleaner too! Our profiles are broken, but I'm sure that will be fixed.
5 years ago
nothing hurts about changing it up a bit...
5 years ago
Wow, even better then the last design.Clean design, polished and professional, functional-3 out of 3.I really like it, makes ign's homepage and even gamespots look even more cluttered and dated then before.
5 years ago
Where's all the blue gone?! D:
5 years ago
Oh wow. It took me about 10 seconds of reading the site before my brain suddenly woke up and went "Hey this website has changed!"

Good job!
5 years ago
Pretty snazzy icon_smile.gif
5 years ago
Looks nice, I think.

Where did the competitions go?
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