Harry Milonas
27 Mar, 2008

Capcom denies Resident Evil 4 for PS3, Xbox 360

PALGN News | 'At this time', anyway.
Some things are just too good to be true. Take for example yesterday's rumour of a so-called 'Resident Evil 4: Classic Edition'.

Such news had all the ingredients for a worthwhile videogame endeavour. A spiffed up port of a top class Resident Evil game, brought over to consoles that will be home to the next iteration of the franchise. We believe 'it prints money!!!' is the technical term for it.

Except it won't, if Capcom US's Vice President Christian Svennson's words are to be believed. Posting on the company's forums in response to a thread on the topic, Svennson made no qualms in stating Capcom has "no plans for RE4 on 360 or PS3 at this time".

Nevertheless, the original news post over at RE fansite The Horror is Alive remains untouched, and updated, with claims in its forum of "an exclusive video of the game" for the fansite, "that should be happening in the next few days". However, the website is unsure as to exactly when this will happen, as their "'man on the inside' needs to be sneaky about taking a debug copy home."

How so very wholesome.

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6 years ago
Exclusive video will be ready to go by April 1st !

Wait a second ...
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